Labour Weekend Shuttles Up Ben Nevis!

Postby derekwinwood on Thu 16/Oct/08 8:36pm

Hey all,
Organising a day of DH shuttles up Ben Nevis tracks, next Sunday the 26th of October. Going to be a great chance for all those who haven't ridden up there to check it out and get shown down the best two tracks in the area, by a dedicated group of locals that dig and ride out there often. With the last round of the top of the pops races being held out there it will be a dry run for a truck up the road and turn around times. Going to have a bbq too, so bring some meat to chuck on and some tasty beverages..oh and 10 or so bucks for the vehicle hire. 2wd vehicles can cruise up to the first skid site to park.

Be good to know numbers for truck hire so leave a comment ah. :)
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Postby derekwinwood on Mon 20/Oct/08 6:09pm

One truck comin so far that takes 10, If we don't know how many riders are comin we don't know how many trucks, so come on people let us know!!
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Postby physcho on Mon 20/Oct/08 7:56pm

sweet, im there.
i'll start spreading the word.
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Postby free_rider21 on Mon 20/Oct/08 9:34pm

If there is a decent turnout I could be keen to come and take some photos, but wont be riding.
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Postby phantasim on Mon 20/Oct/08 9:53pm

Me and my box of beer shall be there...
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Shuttle Day

Postby ReubenO on Tue 21/Oct/08 7:12pm

yea im keen count me in :)
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Postby sam_hills_the_man on Tue 21/Oct/08 7:43pm

hay i will be there it sounds mint
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Postby onyabike on Tue 21/Oct/08 7:58pm

free_rider21 wrote: If there is a decent turnout I could be keen to come and take some photos, but wont be riding.

dont forget to post a few
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Postby derekwinwood on Wed 22/Oct/08 7:41pm

Anyone depressed about this weather?? Meant to rain through to at least fri with sun clearing and mon good. So i'm thinking Mon might be last resort for this weekend. Well discuss at the meeting tomo night and i'll post here and let know. Stay tuned.....
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Postby derekwinwood on Fri 24/Oct/08 10:50pm

Unfortunately we gonna postone the shuttle madness to another weekend in the near future that decides to be hot and dusty. Bit gay but no one wants to ride all day in this crap. let you guys know!
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Postby TheJennings on Sun 26/Oct/08 8:27am

Hey Derek - sounds like a good day (rain or not). I'll check back on here to see when the shuttle is getting planned for, throw on some flats and some big ass tyres and I'm there. If your out over this weekend for a raz I'd be up for a spin. Dragged my ass up Fireball to do Turners on Tuesday and it was pretty much gone - or the top section anyway.
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