Postby molotovd on Thu 7/Feb/08 8:34pm

Oh, sweet...! whats it like in terms of tracks? as in, is it more dh or dj or xc orientated?

Also, how secure is the carpark? just askin as i had my vehicle stolen from oropi... and it was only a surf...!

Thanks heaps...
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Postby JumpR on Thu 7/Feb/08 8:40pm

dented wrote: Yup, always is, always has been. Although when I was up there a week ago, I heard word that the DJ area is about to become members only (I hear they will be locking a chain across the roll-in ramp, that only members will have a key for). Something to do with the volume of work that has gone on in this area only, and has been getting abused, somehow ?!

That aside, everything else up there on both sides of the road is all open. Ride after gold-coin donation at the main carpark honesty box system.
Enjoy :)

By members only, are you implying friends of summerhill members only? The only abuse occurring up there today was a ram who was guarding the line of tabletops and leaving "deposits" in certain areas.
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Postby dented on Thu 7/Feb/08 8:43pm

Carpark is safe. The park manager lives not 100m from the carpark, and is always sifting about.
Tracks are mainly XC.
There is the GT track, which descends from the road right down into the base of a valley, but I would hardly call it DH. Have seen a grommit flying down it on his DJ hardtail with only a rear brake.
(griff's son) :D
The track back up to the road would be a push all the way on a DH bike, I would think.
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Postby BlunderBus on Fri 14/Mar/08 8:35pm

hey ive got sum wood prob b good for sum noth shore type stuff ill drop it off up summerhill either to morrow or nxt weekend :)
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Postby Barks on Fri 14/Mar/08 10:01pm

I'm sure Karl will appreciate that :)

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Postby evilknieval69 on Fri 23/May/08 7:32pm

So whos gunna be at Summerhill on Sunday? I will be there!! (hopefully)

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Postby dented on Fri 23/May/08 7:41pm

There should be a good crew there, word has been put out to the Tauranga MTB club. At this stage I cant make it, but the way things are going, anythings possible at the moment.
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Postby evilknieval69 on Sun 25/May/08 1:29pm

Well, What an awesome morning! I think there was 6 of us in total, and we started building a big wooden structure to go up and over the fence where the new 'downhill' track is going to go (comes off existing downhill, but will be much harder, steeper, for the more hard out aparently)

Karl and some others had already put the main posts in, so we lugged a hundred metres or so of wood down there and finished it off. Its pretty much done just needs the run in, and the ending finished off with some dirt and a bit more wood

Heres a few crap pics from my phone
Getting some of the wood that was donated to summerhill.
Chris and Stu after we had put the first main bearers along the posts
Graeme and Stu when we were starting to put the boards on
Still putting boards on. Stu cutting tops off with chainsaw, karl, graeme and chris up top
Most of the way there
Most of the way there again
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Postby Mr_Bob on Sun 25/May/08 2:02pm

Woah! cool!
I might see if Karl is around on wednesday, Might go up & do something.
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Postby evilknieval69 on Sun 25/May/08 2:12pm

Pics make it look pussy. Its actually a very steep slope going into it, and then straight off the end into a hard berm. The highest point off the ground on the structure is 6 foot plus!
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Postby stppinner on Tue 24/Jun/08 7:57pm

mean should be a good hit
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Postby dented on Tue 24/Jun/08 7:58pm

Hey, nice timing to bump the thread.

WORKING BEE, this coming Sunday, 29 June
9am at the main carpark. All welcome.
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Postby dented on Tue 26/Aug/08 3:33pm

Working Bee this Sunday, 9am at the main carpark.
Although this doubles as a MTB Tauranga ride day. Plan is to work from 9am through to lunchtime or thereabouts, have a break and a bite to eat, then get into the riding gear and hit the trails for a couple of hours.

This is not restricted to MTB Tauranga club members, all are welcome, see you there.
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Postby Flyboy on Tue 26/Aug/08 3:38pm

:pmob: I dont fancy my chances, as Im taking saturday to get in one last ride before heading to the UK for a while, and need to spend much of sunday putting affairs in order, spending time with visiting family and such nonsense. however, HANGING out for fresh air & excercise, so will be up there like a shot if I get a spare hour or so.
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Postby evilknieval69 on Tue 26/Aug/08 5:43pm

Will hopefully make it there. Might even have (if i am extremely lucky and all goes to plan) something new to show off :cool:
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