Vuw Bike Club Next Year?

Postby skidston on Fri 5/Oct/07 9:16am

So it's almost the end of the accademic year, which means that the club should be looking for new people to run it. So how about it, anyone fancy taking over the club????

As you may have noticed, there is much room for improvement in the club, and idealy we would have a few people that are keen, so that there is more diversity, and more brains to be thinking up worthy riding antics.

If you've never been active within the club, DON'T WORRY - almost no one has been! So if you're into biking, and you think that having a bike club at VUW is a good thing, then why not get involved?

Perhaps you're into road riding, or XC, or downhill, or just cruising, and you'd like to organise a few people to come on rides with you?

Maybe you want to get some money out of VUWSA - my understanding is that if the club affiliates, it is fairly straight forward to get 3 grand a year out of them. You can spend this money on anything you want - subsidising trips, competition entry, night riding lights, a bunch of t-shirts for anyone who wants one - whatever you want, it would be totally up to you.

Then there's the thing of it looking good on the old CV - it's undeniable that people love that stuff, especially if you could say that you took the club from being fairly run-down to being more active and cohesive..... The club used to be one of the biggest on campus, with over 200 paid up members, and there's no reason why it can't be like that again - VUW has the student base, it just needs some people to run the club!

So how about it?

If you might be keen, email back, and we'll talk more what you might be willing to do, and what it will involve.

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Postby Owen on Tue 27/Nov/07 3:32pm

Ive just moved to Welly from Chch (was at Canterbury Uni), Id be keen to take an active part in the club (dont know how to run anything..but keen for organising a few things). I havent even enrolled in Vic uni yet...just doing that now (God dam I hate paper work). Does the club have any sponsors or anything? Just wondering if there's any funding/gear around for organising a few weekly/monthly events. If Im to organise anything, Ill need help, cos I dont know Welly at all! (but hey, Ive got several years here after all).
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Postby skidston on Fri 30/Nov/07 4:23pm

that's rad man.

Yeah,there's a couple of guys that sound keen to take the club on, but it's definately a case of the more the merrier - organising rides/bbqs/trips away or whatever would be a real help.

As for money, there's not much of that kicking around at the mo, but there's potential, if we tap VUWSA up, which would be cool.

Anyway, i'll keep you posted.

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Club 2008

Postby db_loco on Mon 28/Jan/08 10:30pm

Hey joe

Is the club still running/alive?

I got experience running clubs and am def keen to help this one going.

I m not a student though, so dunno if that is a problem

anyways, it will be cool if u could add me to the list ;)
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RE: Club 2008

Postby skidston on Fri 1/Feb/08 2:07pm

db_loco wrote: it will be cool if u could add me to the list ;)

Hey freddie, email and i'll add you to the list. Will try and get the passover sorted in the next week or 2, to those that are keen to be involved, so lookout for the email...
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Postby skidston on Thu 7/Feb/08 1:28pm

So it would be good if we could get everyone who is interested in running the club together. So if you are, or you might be, or you think you might be keen to organise a few things, then how does Monday (11th) at 6pm suit? Meet by the bike stands outside the main library on Kelburn campus. If you're keen but can't make it, let me know and we'll keep you in the loop...
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Postby cmdr_keen on Thu 7/Feb/08 8:04pm

Sweet ill try make it with jesse if im not working :thumbsup:
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