Hanmer For Whimps

Postby crazychris on Tue 4/Aug/09 3:11pm

I'm taking TMouse riding through Hanmer on the weekend. I'll be hitting as many of the trails as I can while she goes off rafting in the glacial melt so I can determine which of the tracks are too 'scary'

I have some info on Tank+Zephyr, Detox and Dog+Jolliffe tracks. I have only been riding there once before, for a 12hr event, and I think it used a walking track and part of the Dog Stream track, but none of the others, and it was a few years ago so memory has been dulled by application of elbow bending lubricants.

I know there are other tracks up there, and I'll grab a map from the info centre too, but TMouse is not a fan of 'scary' tracks. Bowenvale Traverse is 'scary' as is parts of Kennedys Bush. Bottle Lake is not scary, nor is McLeans Island.

Yes, I have booked her in for a MTB Skills session on the 22nd Aug and expect great things! But, this weekend, there will be no scree slopes, edges, gap jumps, and preferably no mud because she doesn't want to get her shiny new MTB all dirty. :rolleyes:

So, assuming I have several hours of pre-riding available, who can nominate some 'easy' tracks there? not easy as in puff-factor, but the tracks that are not 'scary'
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Re: Hanmer For Whimps

Postby swtchbckr on Tue 4/Aug/09 5:06pm

definitely grab a map, its only $3 and supports trail building.

totally whimpy, but still kinda fun, is all the easy stuff in the forests on the flat.

(if i say scary, you'll love it)...
Link Track (up Chatterton's Valley) is cool now. but steeeeeeep past pylon. probably too scary.
Tank will be scary for her.
Zephyr is dead. alas, as is BigFoot.
Detox might be considered scary, tho might be a good bet as it isnt ALL that bad.
Upper Dog stream would probably be too scary. but the lower sections are totally fine.
Red Rocks would be probably too scary.

Flax track and on to Majuba might be juuust okay. (flax track is fun both ways, but more fun from the forest out to road rather than road to forest...)
mack 1 would probably be okay if she can climb a little. and there's a nice easy down hill to the Forest Camp from near Mack1 start too. a good to get her used to going down hill. its the green one nearest the Forest Camp (on the map that you'll buy)
Threshold you'll love, but she'll freak on.

So, i guess to summarise,
she should avoid Tank, Red Rocks, Threshold, upper Dog Stream
sounds like she'll manage Flax, Majuba, lower Dog Stream, Mack 1, and maaaybe detox.
sounds like she'll love the flat tracks. and some of the manageable ones...
again, the forest tracks are fun, like bottle lake only a little twistier, lower speed maybe? the odd root to catch you out too.
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Re: Hanmer For Whimps

Postby handy-andy on Tue 4/Aug/09 5:49pm

Lower Dog Stream Reserve has some nice forest single track you could explore for an hour or so. This will take you from opposite the DOC camping area on Jacks Pass Rd right down to the bottom of the township.

Most of the tracks behind the DOC camping area I'm familiar with (Red Rocks, Big Foot) are now gone, and would meet the aforementioned definition of scary.
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Re: Hanmer For Whimps

Postby grahamt on Tue 4/Aug/09 6:19pm

Suggest you start her out on the lower dog stream / forest tracks on the south side of the road opposite the old DOC building.

Easier tracks in the main network would be Majuba track, Dog Stream and Mach 1. Easy loop would be to start at DOC building on Jollies Pass Road, go up Dog Stream track until you get to the first bridge on your right. Cross the bridge and turn right back down the gravel road until you get to Mach 1. Mach 1 finishes opposite Camp track which ends back at the DOC car park.

If you think she can manage Detox, the climb is near the first bridge off dog stream - turn left on to Mt Isobel Road. Detox is does get a bit rutted half way down - would be similar technical level to Mt Vernon Track if you want a comparison. Narrower than Traverse Track.
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Re: Hanmer For Whimps

Postby crazychris on Tue 4/Aug/09 7:00pm

awesome work people! Sounds like there's a lot more tracks than I though there were, hence the map is a good idea. I'll give some of the easy ones a crack first, and have a play on the harder tracks meself. I'll have some blokes there who will be willing to give the harder ones a go too, so I won't be lonley. I'm looking forward to hitting ALL of the tracks.
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