Cmbc: Tues Night Rides Rapaki

Postby rilancaster on Mon 15/Jun/09 9:03pm

For a month or so the CMBC has been running Weekly Nights Rides up Rapaki, and we've had people riding more or less every night it's been held.

There was a strong push at the AGM this year for getting more social rides organised - so it was decided to revive the weekly clubs rides!

Every Tuesday at 6:30pm the riders will leave from "The Brick Works" on Centaurus Road: Heading up Rapaki Track and back across the Traverse track before heading down to Centaurus road again.

Back at the Brickworks - every one is welcome to share a drink or two, warm up and have yarn about hubs, groupsets and the latest local hair raising rides. Just remember to bring a pair of trousers and shoes to change into - The Brick Works is a little posh. (But they haven't kicked us out yet...)

(The Brick Works are currently running a $12 Steak Meal promotion on Tuesdays and some CMBCers turn up soley for that)

Fitness Level

As it's Winter we'd like people to be at least "slightly fit" and to have ridden Rapaki and the Transverse track more than a couple of times. (Mainly because it can be cold and wet out there at the moment and waiting round in the dark is can be a little.. well cold).

For those of you who want something less challenging... The CMBC are also running weekly rides through Bottle Lake aimed at beginners and people who have not ridden at night before - But more about this later....

Find out more at


Now being winter, the actual time and location of the ride will be subject to the Weather!

Co-ordination and cancellation will be conducted via a new Google Group that the Club has set up. (Sorry VORB'ers - Some Club members find VORB a little daunting).

Steve King is the committee member who will be looking after this new mailing list - contact him regarding any questions about the route and the ride.

What to Bring

A strong head mounted lamp.
Fully charged batteries!
One or more tail lights (We are riding on the road from and to the pub)
Warm Clothes.
A water tight jacket.
Clean clothes for the Pub.

Mountain Bike, Helmet, Spare Tires, Tools, Extra Torch (in case your main light fails).
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Re: Cmbc: Tues Night Rides Rapaki

Postby Butch on Mon 15/Jun/09 9:28pm

The brickworks isn't that posh..
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Re: Cmbc: Tues Night Rides Rapaki

Postby mfw on Mon 15/Jun/09 9:29pm

rilancaster wrote:What to Bring

A strong head mounted lamp.

Does this have to be Cree XR-E spec and above?
rilancaster wrote:A water tight jacket.

How tight does this have to be?
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Re: Cmbc: Tues Night Rides Rapaki

Postby inzane on Mon 15/Jun/09 9:33pm

Clean clothes for the pub? You will show us up :lol:

We have been heading in there after riding on Wednesdays with biking clothes on for the last 3 years :lol:
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