Calendar Event: November 28, 2009

The Moa Beer Moa Hunt

Postby Melissa_Theuriau on Fri 5/Jun/09 3:01pm

The Moa Beer Moa Hunt - Kaikoura

MOAHunt Web Lug09.gif

Online entries are now available for the 2009 annual Moa Beer Moa Hunt mountain bike ride and mountain run.

Race organisers say "The Moa Beer Moa Hunt (42km) is a medium skill level cross country mountain bike ride with some demanding climbs to maximum heights of just over 600m. There are stunning mountain and sea views and the descents are as fast as you want to make them. The majority of the course takes in dirt farm tracks and pastoral land, it also includes swamp, rock scree and stony riverbed. To get the most out of the day, make sure you and your bike are in the best possible condition (it will help if you can speak fluent mountain goat)."

"The Mini Moa is designed more for the beginner MTBer but still has a challenging climb that will take riders up to just over 400m in height. The majority of the 400m climb is over a 5km stretch of road over the first half of the course. Through the middle of the course there are a couple of steeper climbs over short sitances of 30 to 40m. The elevated views of the coast and Pacific Ocean are simply gob smacking and an experience you wil cheerish for many years."

"The Moa Mountain Run uses the same 21km course as he Mini Moa. The starting sequence will have the runners be the last group to leave the venue."

For more information visit -
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Re: The Moa Beer Moa Hunt

Postby way_downsouth on Fri 28/Aug/09 10:41am

Has anyone done this? Is it any good? Sounds like it could be a fit of fun.
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Re: The Moa Beer Moa Hunt

Postby Tinkerbell on Fri 28/Aug/09 10:43am

I loved it and will be doing it again this year. Here's an account from the back of the pack
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Re: The Moa Beer Moa Hunt

Postby Iseneye on Fri 28/Aug/09 1:15pm

I did it the first year and suffered really badly on the climb due to the crazy heat. After the race I said that I'd never do it again - however I will be doing it this year.

There's nothing technical, it's just a steady climb and then some annoying undulations along the top and then slidey gravel road back to the start. The views were good and the cold beer at the end was primo.

The camping area is completely crap - stoney and right next to the railway tracks. Got woken up every hour or so whenever the train went by. This year I'll be sleeping somewhere else.

Actually Tink's report is awesome - have a read of that. The course profile doesn't really reveal how demoralising the top upsy downsy bit is. I bonked along there.
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Re: The Moa Beer Moa Hunt

Postby notanotherhill on Sat 14/Nov/09 7:16pm

I would like to do this, But dont think i would handle the coast race the next day :blink:
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Re: The Moa Beer Moa Hunt

Postby RHR_Rob on Wed 25/Nov/09 2:17pm

Do The Nelson Mamoth instead, thats a proper MTB race.
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Re: The Moa Beer Moa Hunt

Postby Iseneye on Wed 25/Nov/09 9:48pm

RHR_Rob wrote:Do The Nelson Mamoth instead, thats a proper MTB race.

Except that was last weekend and wasn't much harder than the Moa.
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