Adventure Tourism Qualifications

Postby mjc on Wed 6/May/09 8:34am

So I've been doing a bit of job-hunting in the outdoor/adventure industry recently, and although I know that experience counts for a LOT, I cant help but think that some qualifications probably wouldnt go amiss.

So I've been reading up on some of the courses offered by various polytechnics (such as the "Certificate in Advanced Leadership and Guiding" from TPP, and the "Diploma in Adventure Tourism Leadership" from NMIT), and they all sound like a lot of fun, but does anyone have any personal experience? Looking for inside info on value for money, and whether these would really make you more appealing to employers?

I'd hopefully be able to scam my way into the second year (at least) of most of these programmes given I have done several years of guiding and have lots of experience in SAR and the outdoors in general.... so that should make them slightly more worthwhile, but I just don't know!
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Re: Adventure Tourism Qualifications

Postby thorg on Wed 6/May/09 8:40am

Experience and NZOIA quals.

Thats what the industry accepted and understood whilst I was in it. unit standards are too easy to cobble together and have a 'qualification' at some institutions to be universally accepted. As you have intimated, where you get the qual can be equally as important. in this regard i have been hearing good things about NMIT.

Have been out of industry too long now to offer anything more than that I'm afraid.
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Re: Adventure Tourism Qualifications

Postby mjc on Wed 6/May/09 9:33am

Yeah, I have a fair few unit standards in random things floating around!

I guess looking for a programme that includes a fair amount of industry involvement would be important.
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