Cycleway A Sure-fire Winner For New Zealand Says Bikenz

Postby Melissa_Theuriau on Sun 1/Mar/09 11:56am

BikeNZ believes the suggestion of a cycleway through New Zealand would provide significant benefits.

The organisation was commenting on the suggestion from this week’s Economic Summit in Auckland that construction of a cycleway built the length of the country would provide 3700 potential jobs and offer real tourist potential.

BikeNZ, the organisation that represents road and track cycling, mountainbike and BMX, believes the idea would offer massive benefits.

They believe a cycleway makes good sense for the government in terms of employment, regional growth but also some wider government targets of good health as well as lessening environmental impact.

“We are obviously delighted at the concept and no doubt the 1.3 million people in New Zealand who ride bikes would also be pleased by the prospect of investment into cycling infrastructure,” said BikeNZ chairman, Arthur Klap.

“Such a cycleway would be relatively low cost to construct and quick to have up and running,” Mr Klap said. “It would have an immediate economic benefit in its construction as well as ongoing regional economic benefit, like the Otago Rail Trail has achieved.

“For instance mountainbiking in trails around Rotorua returns $7.4 million per year into their local economy.

“It would also provide a real benefit for the whole country with a broader benefit not just to international tourism but to all New Zealanders. By getting more New Zealanders out on bikes then the nation gains from having healthier, happier people, a cleaner environment and less congestion.”

BikeNZ report that there has been an 82 per cent increase in adult recreational riding in the last eight years.

“Cycling also has a natural fit to our tourism strategy of a clean, green New Zealand. Our hope would be that this could also lead to further investment in ensuring more of our roads are cycling friendly and that we as New Zealanders are educated on how to share the roads together.”
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