Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby Tama on Wed 14/Jan/09 9:23am

On Sunday the 4th of January Dunedin downhiller Sheryl MacLeod broke two bones in her neck during a crash on Signal Hill. Yesterday evening I visited her at hospital to see how things were going.

The awesome news is while I was in her hospital room Sheryl was fitted with a neck brace which allowed her to sit up, move to her chair, sit down and eat yummy hospital food. In some respects Sheryl has been very lucky; her injury was very similar to actor Christopher Reeve's cervical spinal injury which left him paralysed from the neck down.

From my understanding in Sheryl's case the bones broke away from the spinal column allowing it to kink out of the way of damage. All in all it was very touch and go with the doctors not even sure if Sheryl would be paralysed until she woke up after her operation (using a bone graft from her hip to help rebuild her neck) and could move properly. To put this in perspective Sheryl can even walk around using crutches as support!

The crash itself was a slowish technical crash on an older section of the track rather than on the big jumps at the bottom. Sheryl can't remember anything between the crash and waking up after the operation, which is lucky in a way because she missed out on all of the excitement as everyone close to her worried about the severity of her injuries. The marks on her forehead are from the cage used to keep her head in position before the operation.

Sheryl would like to thank everyone who sent their support to her, her family and friends, she apologises for not replying to TXTs but I'm sure you understand why. I should also mention that original reports incorrectly stated Sheryl was in Burwood (she has been in Christchurch Hospital) so flowers sent to Burwood may not have made it to her but she really appreciates the thoughts and love people have sent her way.

And most importantly Sheryl wants everyone to know that she can walk - which is awesome all things considered.
Sheryl MacLeod eats jelly in hospital
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby mtbrat on Wed 14/Jan/09 9:27am

good luck
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby Spokes on Wed 14/Jan/09 9:29am

Thats very good. Great to hear. It was a very close call. Hope the recovery goes well. :)

But Hospital food, yuch.
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby Oli on Wed 14/Jan/09 9:36am

Great stuff, Sheryl. Get well soon. :)
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby JohnnyC on Wed 14/Jan/09 9:40am

Great News :) Get well soon!
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby Percy Pig on Wed 14/Jan/09 9:51am

Great news!! :thumbsup: :)
Percy Pig
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby Tinkerbell on Wed 14/Jan/09 10:04am

wooohooo, great news!

The hospital ice cream is divine, but the rest meh!
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby YakinAway on Wed 14/Jan/09 4:41pm

awesome news and great to hear she's up in a brace. Everyone down here is thinking of her and wishing a speedy recovery
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby avantibill on Wed 14/Jan/09 8:19pm

Wow! Thank goodness for modern medical technology. It must have been a very worrying and anxious time for those closely involved. It is great to see that you are up and about Sheryl. That jelly looks yummy! Hmmmm jelly aaaaahhh!
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby Stun on Wed 14/Jan/09 8:51pm

Good luck with the recovery! And who knew - it even managed to get her on the front page of the local paper DScene!
Pity it wasn't for more positive reasons.
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby spec_chucka on Wed 14/Jan/09 11:26pm

kcufen hell.......... Praise the looooorrrrd! Good to hear your up walking. :thumbsup:
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby dazza1 on Thu 15/Jan/09 1:03pm

get betta soon!!!
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby DaViking on Fri 16/Jan/09 7:26am

Hi not sure if Sheryl gets to read this, firstly terrible to hear about her accident!

But great to see her happy cheery pic and prognosis above, get well and all the best Sheryl for recovery and the future Sheryl!

Just quickly cause this is not about me, I also broke my neck a year ago in mtb, and want to give you some encouragement but also some support and thoughts and you may have a good team around you even so the ground can change allot within the medical system!

Focus can be allot on the physical make sure you also have the head checked extensively as well when your danger period is over, you will know what I mean by this time! CT scan cannot determine this, you need a Neuro DR to assess this! ACC should cover this as part of next step after OP has given his assessment after 6weeks! don't leave it beyond 2-3months!

If you need any info I have tonnes pm me happy pass on or help anyone who may have or is going through this its a long road and many don't understand it!

Anyways here's my medical team for example, still after year! so expect some of this! Physio x 2 weekly! OT monthly! Nero Physio! Neurologist. Orthopedic Surgeon! GP.. OP is the hardest to deal with he focus's on the neck only, missed my brain injuries totally, 6months before the concssion specialtists got a hold of me don't make the same mistake before you get that checked out! Oh I can walk do most things well will recover just takes time! I have temp memory issues yadda yadsda all good fun still can't ride bugga..

This maybe premature but it is very very important! and people around especially will not be able to recognize it!

Anyways all the best get well Sheryl, healing vibes go out to you for speedy recovery!
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby CrashTestDummy on Sat 17/Jan/09 10:27am

Good luck Sheryl, and hope you continue on the good road to recovery.

With DaViking's accident, makes you realise hope fragile we can be, and how easily things can go wrong......
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Re: Update On Sheryl Macleod

Postby tartgrandmother on Sat 17/Jan/09 10:31am

Hopefully all heals well, its should do. big :thumbsup: from TGM
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