Te Iringa Track Open On Trial Basis

Postby Farty on Mon 22/Dec/08 11:02am

Just read in the Kennet Bros Volume 7 that the Te Iringa track near Taupo is able to be ridden again.
For those who enjoy sweet bush single track and dont mind a bit of bike carrying this track is the business.
This is great news :) :)
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Postby Jono on Mon 22/Dec/08 11:13am

Awesome. I had an amazing time riding Te Iringa several years back. And getting buzzed by a helicopter on the way back...
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Postby Colin on Mon 22/Dec/08 11:21am

Saw it in the book

Thought "Hmmmm, must get myself up there"
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Postby Farty on Mon 22/Dec/08 11:45am

Cant wait to get back there, I reckon with the dry weather we have been having the track will be super sweeeet :thumbsup:

I have only been as far as the campsite by the stream as usually run out of daylight but am keen to ride through to the hut. Dont fancy carrying in gear for an over nighter on that trail though.

Has anyone got any idea of the cost of getting a chopper to drop some gear to the hut.

It could be feasable for a group I hope
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Postby KieranC on Mon 22/Dec/08 11:50am

Is this trail some where on the eastern slopes of the Pureora SF?
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Postby james on Mon 22/Dec/08 1:01pm

northern Kaimanawa Forest Park
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Cost Of Heli For Gear.

Postby ezybike on Mon 22/Dec/08 1:13pm

Lastest quote to fly in your gear to the hut was $260 return I think. Just contact Heli Sika. They will only fly gear in at the moment, not riders if anyone was going to do it oneway. Tony said last he heard DOC had not opened it up to bikers. So he would not take the risk.
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Postby Farty on Mon 22/Dec/08 1:28pm

That sounds pretty reasonable if you have a group. Ive heard the price can be $50 if the guys are going past and have room, that was from Great Lake Helicopters who are just down the road from Helisika.
I reckon the full price would start to seem pretty damn cheap if you were halfway to the hut with a backpack full of gear on your back
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Re: Te Iringa Track Open On Trial Basis

Postby sooby on Fri 27/Feb/09 12:28pm

Hey guys,

Was looking at having a crack at this track soon & need a little more info, as all I can find with a google is tramping related :(

Is this track one way, as in can we attain some speed downhills without expecting to run into trampers?

Whats the carparking like, is it very safe in terms of thieves?

Is there decent riding without going all the way to the end?, as i would like to do a half day/day ride (no overnight stuff)

How much bike lifting is involved exactly? don't think the missus will enjoy more than a few patches of bike lifting.

appreciate any info
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Re: Te Iringa Track Open On Trial Basis

Postby Colin on Fri 27/Feb/09 1:44pm

When you going? Want company?

pm me if there is room for one or two more.

Not carring gear is my preferred option. Either limiting everything to one day, or sharing helicopter costs to have gear ferried.
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Re: Te Iringa Track Open On Trial Basis

Postby Farty on Fri 27/Feb/09 9:56pm

This track is pretty rugged, to get 2/3 of the way to the hut and back to the carpark takes about 5-6 hrs with lots of bike carrying.

I have ridden this track a couple of times to this point which is a clearing by a stream. The downhill to this spot is genius with lots of vis so trampers visible from a way off, not that i have seen a single other person on this track either ride.

On the way back the final descent to the carpark from the old hut sight is even better than the other but is more technical, quite rutted out track but totally brilliant.

When i say lots of bike carrying im talking truckloads, especially on the uphill from the carpark and on the sidle around to the descent. Also if you are doing an out and back the return climb is quite steep and unrelenting.

the carpark has given me no troubles and havent heard of any issue

Maybe not one for the missus who doesnt like bike carrying, but this is one of my all time favourite tracks.

It is only an out and back as poronui station does not yet let people take bikes across thier land.
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Re: Te Iringa Track Open On Trial Basis

Postby way_downsouth on Wed 9/Dec/09 9:49am

Anyone given this a nudge recently? Looking at getting in there next week and would love any info you've got about it.

How far you made it? How far you would go again? Trail conditions (i.e. is it a bog hole?)
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Re: Te Iringa Track Open On Trial Basis

Postby Farty on Wed 9/Dec/09 8:17pm

Hey havnt ridden this track for a year or so, but when I rode it last it was brilliant, if you are into massive bush missions, it does involve a fair bit of off the bike stuff as the area is prone to tree fall and the like.
Last time i went i rang DOC and asked to speak to someone who had been through recently to get an idea of the track conditions, they were really helpful, though I may not have mentioned that I was a biker :sly:
i have ridden twice to the campsite at the stream at the bottom of a huge downhill section and then return, if you have a map this is a stream that leads into tiki tiki stream very near the campsite, from scouting the track further it looks pretty mint. Have always run out of daylight.
From memory it has taken us 5-6 hours to get to the campsite return with a group of us.

would definitely recommend this ride , PM me if you want more info.
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Re: Te Iringa Track Open On Trial Basis

Postby Dicey on Tue 26/Jan/10 12:32pm

Its all ok!!! you are allowed to ride this track!!! just dont drag the rear brake and rip the track up!
You can ring DOC in Turangi and ask for John bout MTBiking the track
Rite, the track is a great epic/jungle ride, you want to be fit, good riding skills and dont mind carrying your bike to get some awesome down hills!
For average riders your looking at 5 1/2hrs to the hut with a light overnight pack, this is with stops. Bout the same return.
Ride it when dry, the amount of tree roots on this track would make it nasty.... plus rip the track surface up.
Lots of hike-a-bike but amazing ride to get out of the mtb parks and groomed trails.
Try an over night, the huts only $5 a night and riding with a 8kg packs not thats hard
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Re: Te Iringa Track Open On Trial Basis

Postby jacks0n0 on Mon 15/Mar/10 1:23pm

We just did this trip this weekend. With the new tandem up and running we wanted something hard to really test it out and it went brilliantly. Good times with flowing downhills off the top and excellent technical riding along the river to the hut.

The bike carry up to the old hut site is hard work but not too bad, comparable to Karapoti's Devil's Staircase. Past the clearing there is a few kilometers where it is a bit soul destroying, mostly carrying on undulating track that is too skinny to push the bike next to you. We're feeling pretty beaten up today, but hey, if we can carry a tandem through then most people who are resonably fit and enjoy tramping shouldn't have too much trouble.

Carrying down switchbacks

Stream crossing

The other side of the hill and the rest of the way to the hut are excellent, and most of the uphill is ridable on the way back. The downhill on the way back is the best part of the track, good reward for plenty of hard work.

We carried overnight gear (9kg between us) and stayed at the hut. A good option as we were fresh to enjoy the tracks again on the way back. It took us 4 1/2 hours in and 5 1/2 hours out, including stops (DOC time for bikes is 4-6 hours each way).

At the hut
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