2008 Bathurst 1000

Postby dented on Fri 10/Oct/08 6:24pm

So here is the thread.

The same old tards troll out the same old arguements each and every year on here, so...

- yes, we know they are nothing like the road-going cars they represent
- yes, we know they almost perfectly alike to one another except for the badge
- yes, we know they would get smoked by 17 dozen different Japanese cars if they were allowed to race
- yes, we know that not everyone thinks this racing is worth watching
- and yes, they only appeal to mullet wearing, beer swilling, inbreeds

now that we have all that out the way, can we leave this thread to the people that, even if they dont watch motorsport for 364 days of a year, put off everything else in their lives for this one day, to sit around, drink beer and worship The Great Race.

If you do wish to discuss those points, mentioned above, then please feel free to keep your jibes to the other bathurst thread and see how much more you can add to the 10 pages of drivel already posted.

That was a sickening looking smash at McPhillamy, but I havent read anywhere yet that TKR are categorically not going to make the grid, I personally hope they can make it happen :thumbsup:
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Postby sifter on Fri 10/Oct/08 6:50pm

Good on you bro! I hope you all enjoy the race :)
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Postby Malcy on Fri 10/Oct/08 6:51pm

It's gonna be fun! I wonder how long til I fall asleep? lol
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Postby molotovd on Fri 10/Oct/08 6:57pm

Yea i'm lookin forward to it! spend the day on the couch doin nothing all day! hahaha
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Postby E Dogg Capizzle on Fri 10/Oct/08 7:11pm

I don't see what's so super about these "supercars." :eh:
E Dogg Capizzle
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Postby Spokes on Fri 10/Oct/08 7:14pm

Yup its going to the first one for my little boy. Hes going to love it.
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Postby molotovd on Fri 10/Oct/08 7:21pm

any sweepstakes goin yet? lol

we should of got one going earlier on in the week.. :paranoid:

I got dibbs on Lowndes and Wincup :thumbsup:
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Postby neels on Fri 10/Oct/08 7:38pm

Roll on sunday, couch beer food and not being expected to do anything else except watch the v8's go round and round

Here's the top ten from today's qualifying, good to see it's all above board and 50/50 Ford/Holden. Super impressed with the autobarn guys for hanging in the top ten.

Who's your pick for a good hot lap?

1 6 Ford Performance Racing Mark Winterbottom Ford Falcon BF 17 17 2:07.1920
2 3 Sprint Gas Racing Jason Richards Holden Commodore VE 13 12 2:07.2333
3 888 Team Vodafone Jamie Whincup Ford Falcon BF 8 7 2:07.2699
4 4 Jeld-Wen Motorsport James Courtney Ford Falcon BF 19 18 2:07.2972
5 1 Toll Holden Racing Team Garth Tander Holden Commodore VE 15 14 2:07.3645
6 15 HSV Dealer Team Rick Kelly Holden Commodore VE 18 12 2:07.4401
7 18 Jim Beam Racing Will Davison Ford Falcon BF 19 18 2:07.4599
8 16 Autobarn Racing Team Paul Dumbrell Holden Commodore VE 17 16 2:07.6094
9 111 Glenfords Racing Fabian Coulthard Ford Falcon BF 20 18 2:07.7321
10 39 Supercheap Auto Racing Russell Ingall Holden Commodore VE 19 13 2:07.7974
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Postby Malcy on Fri 10/Oct/08 7:56pm

ha ha ha, i love how that worked.

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Postby pedalingkiwi on Fri 10/Oct/08 8:21pm

molotovd wrote: Yea i'm lookin forward to it! spend the day on the couch doin nothing all day! hahaha

Aw come on ! How can 6 hours of paying attention to the myriad fascinations of Bathurst be described as "doin nothing all day" - you are obviously not taking it seriously enough !! :p

Can't believe that the waved yellows didn't give that Team Kiwi driver a bit of a clue that he should slow down ?? - even just a wee bit ! That was excruciating - waiting for that faint sound of brakes, then whooompa.

One of the things about Bathurst that has improved the spectacle is that it is a 6 hour sprint - no place for cruise and collect tactics. Certainly over recent years there have been quite number of cars well up on the same lap as it gets to the sharp end of the deal . Expect no less this year.
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Postby Est57 on Fri 10/Oct/08 10:17pm

The silence makes it even worse. Are the drivers OK? The poor dude in the stationary car seems to get collected just behind the drivers door, Jeeeeeez! Before the HANS device came in he'd be totally f****d. Hope he's well.[/url]
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Postby dented on Sat 11/Oct/08 7:39am

HANS device only has any positive effect in a 'straight in' accident, so would have done its job for Chris Pither.
They are actually detrimental in a side-on impact, as they act as a lever on the neck, that is why you see all the V8 supercar drivers using the seat with the big wrap-around bit on top, to stop the neck snapping over the HANS device.
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Postby Fraser on Sat 11/Oct/08 7:53am

The fun on the mountain
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Postby Fraser on Sat 11/Oct/08 8:01am

This is a classic crash in 1971, Bill Brown rolled his Ford Falcon onto the armco and opened it up like a can opener. No major injuries. Notice the punter dodging the Ford grill. Bill explaining 'smelt petrol and asked people who were smoking to kindly leave'.

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Postby Fraser on Sat 11/Oct/08 8:15am

This is just to get you into the grove, the opening laps of the 1978 Bathurst 1000. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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