Calendar Event: May 24, 2008 - May 25, 2008

TR: North Island Champs - Wellington

Postby barracuda_butcher on Sat 3/May/08 4:30pm

The event will have classes for 20" 26" Uni cycle and a Mountain bikes.

The event will be held around the saddle area on Mt Vic There will be 4-6 sections on Saturday afternoon starting at 1.00pm and 4-6 sections on Sunday morning from 9.30am to about lunch time to allow travellers to make the 1.00pm ferry. We also hope to have a super section out side one of the pubs on the water front on the Saturday night. TBA.

The participants will be required to ride through a number of "sections" usually 10-20m long and negotiate a course set out with coloured markers that indicate there skill level.
The sections will be set out over natural terrain with lots of turns and tree roots etc to make it interesting.

The grades are

* Clubmen, these guys keep there wheels on the ground and ride through the sections negotiating small obstacles that may catch the wheel of the unwary.
* Sport, The sections become a bit harder. the riders will need good balance skills. The ability to lift their wheels from a standstill. Can be asked to ride up a 600mm step and off the same. to ride over rocks and small logs. MTB riders would be advised to remove there big rings.
* Expert. The same as sport but every thing gets bigger.lots of hopping and a very good skill level required.
* Pro. These guys are marvelled at by all who watch. completing manoeuvres that defy logic. Must be seen.

The sections are marked by observers. If a rider places any part of their body on to or against any part of the section they have dabbed. this is counted as a mark against them. You can dab up to a score of 5 and then you will have been deemed to have failed the section and have to stop. if you put both feet down at once , ride out side of the section, or end up with both feet on one side of the bike then this is a "5". You do not get to go any further and must stop there.

This event is a must for any body who would like to improve their riding skills.
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Postby VERT on Thu 8/May/08 7:29am

awesome, thanks for the headsup :thumbsup:
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Postby thatguy on Thu 8/May/08 2:17pm

should be good.
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Postby klewsh on Thu 8/May/08 4:36pm

ill make sure ill be there
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Postby one_uknw on Thu 8/May/08 8:22pm

There for sure
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Postby jumpmtb on Thu 8/May/08 8:28pm

Is this more of a trial sort of event, but inwtwined with the envinronment?
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Postby goldfish on Thu 8/May/08 10:49pm

jumpmtb wrote: Is this more of a trial sort of event, but inwtwined with the envinronment?
Being a nationals, there'll be some man made stuff and some natural. Hopefully get a chance to scope out the site this weekend
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Postby AgrAde on Mon 12/May/08 7:51pm

can someone indicate exactly where it is? (on a map?)

i'll probably be there.

i WILL be there.
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Postby am-i-bothered on Mon 12/May/08 9:28pm

Me and 2 unicyclists should be coming from Nelson! Cant wait! How much is entry fee for sports? Cheers
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Postby barracuda_butcher on Mon 19/May/08 10:38pm

**Latest News**

The 2008 NI bike trial champs are to be held on Mt Victoria in Wellington.
The comp will consist of 3 events to be completed over the weekend with the total points going towards the championship.

Sign in will be at the All Doors Services bus parked at the saddle on Alexander Rd Mt Vic from 1.00pm.
Entrys will be on the day. The event will be on rain or shine. Bring a brolly.

Entery for clubman, Beginners and Uni cycles will be $15.00 for the weekend.
Sport and Expert will be $25.00 per day or $35.00 for the weekend.
Trophys for class winners and spot prises for competitors.

Saturday afternoon. Sign in 1.00pm, Start 1.30
The day will consist of 5-6 sections completed 4 times (weather dependent). The sections will be set out around the saddle area and over towards the soccer feild. All sections will be with in 10 mins walk of the sign in area.

Saturday evening. Start at 7.00pm meeting at the skate park
Will consist of 2 sections set out around the skate park in town. This will be followed by a street ride and a few beers at One Red Dog on the Whalf.

Sunday Morning. Sign in 9.30. Start at 10.00am
This mornings sections will be slightly different. We will follow the main trail from the top of Mt Vic with sections set up along the trail .
Riders will ride in groups with observered sections along the way finishing towards the south end of Mt Vic. This will be ridden twice

In the event the weather is poor the sections will be eased to allow the event to continue.

This will be the perfect chance for all of the MTB riders to come out and put your shills to good use. Just having a go will improve your riding and make your riding much more enjoyable.
Rember that all you need is a bike and a smile.

Any enquires please contact Peter Colvin 021 480775.
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Postby AgrAde on Tue 20/May/08 12:05am

that's a pretty weird course of events. sounds like fun, though i'll be riding like shit by sunday :P

are the classes clubman, beginner, sport, expert or clubman, sport, expert, pro?

UCI or BIU rules?
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Postby Free-Ride on Wed 21/May/08 9:07am

Im 99% sure that its BIU since theyv already had the UCI. And it goes clubman, sport, expert, pro.
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Postby klewsh on Thu 22/May/08 8:44pm

well im rather disappointed as i now can not attend.enjoys yourselfs
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Postby barracuda_butcher on Fri 23/May/08 1:44pm

i wouldn't be disappointed, judging by the current weather and the forecast, it's not gonna be fun :(
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Postby one_uknw on Sat 24/May/08 4:55pm

Anyone hit this today? I'm gonna brave the shithouse weather and roll down to Waitangi Park at 7pm with beer in hand
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