New Mountain Bike Park In Denniston

Postby Melissa_Theuriau on Fri 11/Jan/08 10:41am

AJ wrote:Just dropping you a line to give you a heads up on NZ's newest mountain bike park. Built on the Denniston plateau, one of Westport's historic coal mining areas.

There are some pretty cool old mining relics, a mining museum & of course the best bit some awesome mountain bike tracks. They are mostly cross country style at the mo, no jump park yet! but the tracks do have some technical rock garden type downhills to keep you aware.

Its a pretty unique terrain & probably not in a place you would stumble across, but there is a map available from the info centre & soon to be available from the Fresh Choice supermarket, & a good sign up at the Denniston museum & well marked tracks.

It has been the work of DOC & a small passionate band (as always!) but has been an obsession of one man, Paul Comensky who has done all the hard yards. The park wouldn't have gone ahead without him. They have done a fantastic job & with more tracks planned it will just get better & better.
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Postby mtbrat on Fri 11/Jan/08 1:05pm


we are heading up there for a mission soon

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Postby Stun on Fri 11/Jan/08 5:42pm

Oooooh - let us know how it all goes Shailer!
There's plenty of great riding over on the coast, but this could make it EVEN betterererer!
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Postby TheMickster on Fri 11/Jan/08 8:21pm

i've always thought riding down the denniston incline would be fun :P

how about a massive roll in next to the track with a huck at the bottom :satan:
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Postby Tim2 on Sun 13/Jan/08 8:19am

I hear the incline has been tried and the people got a little messed up.

I will give MtBrat the low done of the track today at while riding Big River, Reefton.

I might not be in the weekend of Feb 2-3 as Buller has a holiday on the Feb4 and everyone FEb 6 so may take one work day off and go for a 5 day mish somewhere instead.

Have fun.
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Postby underfoot on Mon 14/Jan/08 10:41pm

I,m one of the two fools that attempted to ride the true incline{not the closed to cycles bridle track} . I'll have the scars for life and toasted me front wheel. I'm not sayin it's unridable I may just have been having a bad day
check out
this site has just bin updated
haven't been on any of these tracks yet but my good mate Robyn rates them as a lot of fun with huge variation enjoy Purple
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Re: New Mountain Bike Park In Denniston

Postby fenrisnz2 on Wed 25/Nov/09 1:44pm

Hey Melissa (or anyone else who can help me),

I'm trying to get in touch with Paul Comensky (re the Denniston bike park), tried his home number but no answer so far and I'm not sure how current the number is...Anyone out there know how to get hold of him?
Cheers Patrick
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