Rangitaiki Loop - Info Wanted

Postby highspeedsteel on Wed 7/Nov/07 1:09pm

Does anyone know if this ride still exists? Its in the 3rd edition of the Kennets book, but not in the newest one. Any info would be appreciated.

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Postby highspeedsteel on Mon 19/Nov/07 9:54pm

Just a follow up.

This ride does exist, pretty much as described in the Kennets book. We parked at the Rangitaiki Tavern and headed into what turned out to be a maze of motorbike/4wd tracks. We headed out around the back of pub and followed our noises to what seemed like the 1st turn described in the book. We then rode down a fairly well used 4wd track until for awhile, we were supposed to be looking for the 6th left hand turn but I think this might have changed a bit, there were numerous tracks off to the left made by MX bikes many looping back onto the main one not far along. We found the correct turn after going a little past it and back tracking (wouldn't have been a problem could have done the ride backward easily).

Anyway the track was still 4wd but getting quite rough in places and some of the hills were difficult to ride in the soft dry pumice soils. The track is fairly flat and there are many side loops that have been made by MX and 4wd's. There was one short sharp DH and this was followed by an even shorter but un-ridable up hill. This crossed the main gully and the rest of the ride was fairly flat back to the car.

The ride was ~30km and was a good ride, probably wouldn't make a special trip to do, but if in the area worth a look, especially if like me you are in Taupo for a weekend of riding, more of an adventure (if a little short) and some different scenery then I have seen on the North island riding that I have done.
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Postby sooby on Tue 20/Nov/07 10:21am


how long did it take you?
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Postby highspeedsteel on Tue 20/Nov/07 10:51am

Roughly 3.5 hrs with a bit of mucking around. Had a beer in the pub at the end of the ride. If you live in Taupo definatly worth a look, there looked like there were a few other tracks around that could have been worth a look. The only thing I would say is watch out for MX bikes, the day we were there you could see/hear them with plenty of time to get out of the way. We saw around 10 MX bikes.
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