Postby Tim on Tue 24/Sep/02 9:26pm

that took me a while to read but was another awesome slackboy post!
slackster did u post that b4 u registered?

oh yeah i know that feeling too  :love:
being kept off ure bike is cruelty :angry:
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Postby SlackBoy on Wed 25/Sep/02 12:37am

ummm passs. Maybe, or maybe I just wasn't logged in or something. feck I dunno, it was over a year ago. I can hardly remember stuff from last week, yesterday even. (and no i don't do drugs before you ask)
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Postby Tim on Wed 25/Sep/02 9:34am

jst to much coke eh!
how long has vorb been goin for? :eh:
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Postby Dazzle on Wed 25/Sep/02 10:24am

how long has vorb been goin for?

Vorb is the front for a secret society that traces its roots back to ancient Peru, and is responsible for the downfalls of entire civilisations......

you have been warned....
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Postby Percy Pig on Wed 25/Sep/02 9:40pm

Cool!!! :cool:  :thumbsup:
Which civilization is next on the list? :hmmm:  :paranoid:

Mmuuuuhahahahaha :satan:
Percy Pig
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Postby Jono on Fri 27/Sep/02 9:34am

Nope - it's not that he wasn't registered. At one (early) point in it's life, foam kinda crapped out. All the post were there, but we needed to re-register. And all the post we'ld previously made were showing as being from unregistered users....
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Postby Tim on Sat 28/Sep/02 9:44am

that leaves me to ask, why did no one reply to this post in so long!
u know another feeling like the one slackers is talking about is when u like really really wanna do a big jump/drop/obsticle wat ever and it takes u ages to build up the guts to do it but u finaly do it  :D it feels so good! so u do it another 3 times, nah make it 5 :D
bicycling rox  :D
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