Postby dented on Sun 22/Apr/07 5:32pm


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Postby dented on Sun 22/Apr/07 6:17pm

dented wrote:
PorkiePie wrote: theres tracks on the other side of the road? details/directions please

Just follow your nose? :eh:

There used to be some signs, not sure if there still is or not

Scratch that....for now.

I spoke to the landowner this morning, will be another week before the trails across the road will be open for riding, there is still stock there at present too.

Working bee up there next Sunday 29 April.

great photos BTW, well done that man! :thumbsup:
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Postby PorkiePie on Sun 22/Apr/07 6:30pm

I take it to get to the tracks across the road you go through the gate that currently has a no entry sign on it :hmmm: and that when they are open again the no entry sign will disappear. Very nice photos, summerhill sure does have nice views. Did you do any of the skinnies? which lines?
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Postby grumpy on Sun 22/Apr/07 6:47pm

looks great up there, might have to make my way up there in the next few weeks :)
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Postby WHITE_RIDER on Fri 27/Apr/07 1:30pm

they look mint now all i have to do is try find them :D
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Postby dented on Mon 28/May/07 6:33pm


Any and all digging at Summerhill is encouraged, just please please please do not just go there with a Shovel and start modifying existing work. Please turn out for a Working Bee, all information you require can be found here

Thanks very much :)
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Postby notdelongi on Wed 25/Jul/07 8:12pm

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Postby dented on Wed 25/Jul/07 8:19pm

Will be quite slick up there right now.
Friends of mine rode the stuff on the other side of the road 2 weeks ago. The downhill trail has hardened (and smotthed out) nicely and is running fast now. Still a hell climb out but...
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Postby fraserb on Thu 26/Jul/07 7:55am

went up yesterday for a pedal.
went down the "other" side of the road first, that track is starting to kick arse :thumbsup: the climb out is bloody hard work but when the down is so cool you dont mind the climb so much
and the log bridge that was in spoke has been rebuilt, so that track is fully rideable again now too
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Postby JumpR on Thu 26/Jul/07 8:36am

This place looks wicked :thumbsup: Am moving to Tauranga in 2 months, so will definately have to check it out. Where is the entry to summerhill etc?

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Summer Hill

Postby Scotter on Thu 26/Jul/07 10:45am

IT mean as up there was there last week was to wet to do any thing
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Postby dented on Mon 20/Aug/07 4:27pm

Just been up there for a dig this afternoon with Karl, the big man, we made a little turn around loop up at the end of the Jamis Trail. Took a couple of pics of the new structure that went up in the weekend. He has a goal to have 1 kilometre of sturcture up with the year, and has a budget of $20,000 on timber
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Postby griff on Fri 24/Aug/07 7:44pm

PorkiePie wrote: do you know where the log ride thing that clinton williams was doing in the photo in spoke is?
On the righthand side of the road 200 m. past the summerhill gate there is the GT trail in the making sweet as hill 2 ride,the log is way down the bottom of the gully. check it out u can c it from the road.
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Postby dented on Sun 23/Sep/07 4:28pm

Everything on the carpark side of the road is currently closed (temporarily) for lambing season. This includes the dirt-jump area.
However, the GT trail on the other side of the road has all the stock removed, so all gates can remain open, and it is riding well at present.
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Postby Barks on Fri 12/Oct/07 12:08am

I thought I'd dredge this thread up again!

Anyone up-to-date on what's happening up at Summerhills? What's open, what's closed? Lambing finished? Anything?? :p
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