Postby spiderweb on Wed 9/Apr/08 9:47pm

Lozz wrote: Did a decent ride 2day, 3hr 30 of heaps of big fuck off hills that left my legs buuurning o so good! First got lost on the way to mosgiel and :

How on earth did you get lost getting yourself to Mozzywood :0 :D
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Postby danose on Thu 10/Apr/08 11:06am

Spyder wrote: Out to Tai Tapu on Old Tai Tapu Rd. Certainly nicer to ride on the Lynskey than my old bike, but it's still a pretty sh*tty piece of tarmac. I'd say it's the worst around, but then Danose would end up correcting me! Up towards Lincoln then back to Halswell and over the downs and home.

yeah, there's that one really nice rough section in the middle of old taitapu rd, real teeth rattling stuff. Some of the road around lake ellesmere is like that too (in fact worse cos there's bits where the seal is totally eroded by the cattle being herded across and back twice a day)

we did short bays by night last night - good fun, glad I had the ayups on for the descents though, the others with us must have been basically riding blind
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Postby dhroadie on Thu 10/Apr/08 3:43pm

disoriented wrote:
OnnoG wrote:
Lozz wrote: Haha funny shit jono! raced a guy on a scooter thru goon we wer sittin behind a bus at 50 was wicked fun but ridiculously dangerous as we wer swervin everywhere and the bus couldve stopped at any point... :thumbsup:

I’m developing hatred towards scooters that stop on the red cycle path at the lights. :satan:

Join the club. i'm sick of fools on scooters, but there bloody good fun to race :D

If I see a cyclist going fast when I am on my scoot I try to let them jump on the back for a pull. There was a dude on a light-coloured Kona I had drafting me all the way down the Wellington quays and along Kent Tce to the KFC one time, he was loving it when i gestured he should get on the back.
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Postby Ahad on Thu 10/Apr/08 7:17pm

First decent ride today since Le Race -56k's over Dyers and back. Was pretty wiped out last week, not helped by quite a hard week at work. Glutes flared up last Wednesday which gave me a bit of a scare( after being out of action for 7months last year after smashing them in the same race), but a few days of strenghtening exercises and they're fine, and totally pain free now.

Felt pretty good today, nice taking it easy for a change . Even though I went a little fast over Dyers on the way home.

Although this Dickhead passed me on a corner on the way into town just after that straight bit a few corners down below the top entrance to Vic Park. He went right over the other side of the road in his red sports car, risking a head-on, just so he could go around me. :crazy: I did swing out a little before going around the sharp left-hander as I wasn't going slow.
He had someone in front of him driving sensibly, so not like he could accelerate away and make up some time. So I got right up his arse as much as possible all the way down to the bottom , before passing him on the inside just before the roundabout just to make a point! What a cock! :angry:
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Postby thelivo on Thu 10/Apr/08 7:24pm

Never been so scared as going round the bays tonight. Nearly got taken out 3 times by three different cars. Got 2 lights on the back, one on the front. Think i need to invest in a million candlepower job and a car battery. :crazy: :angry:

On the plus side, managed 25 all the way up happy valley pretty comfortably. (hey shut up - its fast for me)
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Postby Beeker on Thu 10/Apr/08 7:30pm

Good man Ahad... & glad you are keeping up the rehab work! :thumbsup:

Apart from an easy ride with Mrs Beeker on Wednesday night & daily commuting, not much time on the bike for me this week. Was thinking the bays might have been the go this arvo, but then I remembered I had spin at 5:30 tonight & a bucket load of prep work before I begin my tiki tours next week (first stop Wellyboot & hoping to meet a few Vorbers for coffee if I can tee something up). Spin was especially hard after having moved the gym into a new phase last night... a sore butt makes it hurt to sit down & sore abs make it hurt to stand up :blink:
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Postby thelivo on Thu 10/Apr/08 7:32pm

Beeker how long you here? there might be other errant vorbers turning up at some point late next week....
"Jens Voigt's Suitcase of Courage will not fit in the overhead compartment."
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Postby Beeker on Thu 10/Apr/08 7:43pm

thelivo wrote: Beeker how long you here? there might be other errant vorbers turning up at some point late next week....

Tuesday. Delivering workshops, 8:30-9:30am & 2:30-5pm. Up for drinking copious amounts of coffee & talking codshit to strangers in between. :thumbsup:

Hawkes Bay & BOP on Wednesday. Lots more trips to Welly :thumbsup:, Auckland :hmmm: Nelson, Northland, Coromandel etc over the next few months. So Beeker is coming to a town near you - hopefully I can meet a few Vorbers! :thumbsup:
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Postby Al_Bushman on Thu 10/Apr/08 8:32pm

I'm wrecked. :(

Benchmark last Saturday, 50km flat recovery on Sunday, 30km intervals on Monday, Short Bays & summit road hard out sesh Tuesday, fast flat 45km ride yesterday, and Sumner -Evans - SOK - Gibraltar Rock summit road suffer-fest tonight. 360km so far this week and after almost bonking tonight due to not taking any food/ water (duuuuh!) I might just have a day off tomorrow :p
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Postby Oli on Thu 10/Apr/08 11:36pm

Around the Bays to pay my respects to those who lost their lives in the Wahine Disaster, then up a hard climb to Kelburn and on to Revolution Bicycles for a coffee with Jonty and Alex, then home again back around the Shorts and Island Bay. Felt great and definitely pushed the pace at times...
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Postby michael on Thu 10/Apr/08 11:39pm

I walked too the garage to see my half built road bike! cant wait
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Postby Oli on Thu 10/Apr/08 11:43pm

You in town? Durr, obviously... :blush:
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Postby michael on Thu 10/Apr/08 11:57pm

I am indeed, a bb is on its way from australia then pretty much every thing is there. go the pretend Cervelo! I shall come over and say hi at some point soon too!
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Postby Oli on Fri 11/Apr/08 12:03am

Nice! :thumbsup:

Not tomorrow though, sorry. Not really in all day... :paranoid:
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Postby m-r-h on Sun 13/Apr/08 11:41am

Went up SOK along top to Gebbies round the back thru TT and back up Mt Pleasant to home.. 99K.

Man theres alot of bike about these days, could do long bays back in the 80's and not see one bike all day!! Would have seen well over100 today.. its all good :-)

Stopped in at a local bike shop and got them to check my borrowed bike.. basically its way too small, I'm 180cm the bike is 53cm up the seat tube and 53cm for the top tube. Prob should stop riding it and wait til I get a new one..

But the boss won't let me buy new toy til I get rid of some other unused ones !!, thankfully someone hit the buy now on TM and I should be cashed up later in the week.. can't wait. Just gotta decide on which bike... love shopping :p
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