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06 Iron Horse Mkiii Comp - Opinions Please

Postby muffin on Mon 19/Jun/06 8:43pm

hi guys

im concidering an mkiii comp for all-day riding and the odd xc race.
i also plan to use it for marathons (ie. collville, n-duro, ect...)

i wanted to know if anyone has owned one or ridden one at all

any help would be appreciated :)

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Postby porschenut on Mon 19/Jun/06 9:53pm

very nice bikes. DW link suspension is very good indeed.
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Postby keeweenz on Mon 19/Jun/06 10:38pm

Well they look damn hot!

Dont tell me it doesnt matter how they look because we all know it does.
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Postby Phat-Mikey on Tue 20/Jun/06 11:35am

from all they reviews I have read in many a mtb mag they are awesome, go check out for some reviews. When it comes time to upgrade my hardtail this is what I will be getting!
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Postby jerms669 on Tue 20/Jun/06 11:44am

No wonder Giant were getting in trouble with the patent office when designing the trance/reign, that looks awfully familiar?
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Postby huffster on Tue 20/Jun/06 12:02pm

i'd say that looks sooo much like a reign
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Postby Stun on Tue 20/Jun/06 12:30pm

jerms669 wrote: No wonder Giant were getting in trouble with the patent office when designing the trance/reign, that looks awfully familiar?

There where numerous threads about that a while ago...
I think the conclusion was that the patent lawyers for the DW Link hadn't done a very good job at alll... and that a virtual pivot concept wasn't a novel concept, not by a long way!
I think Giant did change their design before they came out in order for them not to conflict with DW's patent attempts... someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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Postby 6FIEND on Fri 23/Jun/06 3:32pm

I bought my '05 Mk III early last year, and have been riding it everywhere ever since. (Mine is the slightly higher specced Expert model though)

It is NOT a light bike! But, I have taken it on epic rides without too much trouble - including the Woodhill 12hr race in a 2man team, and the Taupo day-nighter in a team of 5.

It pedals around the trails and up hills exceptionally well for a bike with so much travel, but it will always come off 2nd best to a dedicated XC bike.

The upside is that this is an extremely good trail bike. I have hucked it off many of the stunts at Woodhill, and know of other Mk3 riders who have riden theirs of the bigger stuff as well.

I bought it as an all rounder, and it has served me very, very well.
Best of luck!
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Postby rota_boy on Fri 23/Jun/06 4:10pm

That looks like another bike to add to my 'potential new bikes list'. what do they retail for?
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Postby BrentD on Sat 24/Jun/06 1:39pm

I had a good demo of one for about 1/2 an hour at Woodhill earlier this year. I liked it a lot but ended up buying a Reign as the Reign fitted me better in a medium (the Iron Horse was considerably smaller in a medium, almost too small for me at 1.78m/5'10") and the spec vs. price balance was definitely in favour of the Reign at the time.
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Postby Coyote on Sat 24/Jun/06 5:28pm

NZMTBer rated them pretty high.

The only thing wrong with it was:

NZMTBer about the IRON HORSE MKII only bad point wrote:
"Swingarm clearance was an issue in the big chainring/low cassette ratio necessitating we wrap some tape around it to stop chain damage. Although you're unlikely to be riding in those gear combinations often".

Not a bad bike for $3799. :thumbsup:
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Postby porschenut on Sat 24/Jun/06 7:40pm

not as good value as a giant reign, but a very good bike which is a bit different from the hordes of giants and specialiseds. There are not that many mkIIIs out there yet.
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