Postby Tama on Tue 15/Jan/02 10:14am

Here's the offending letter to the editor (Dominion 14/01/02)

Let's put the brakes on racing cyclists

Sir - You published a photograph on the back page (January 4) of three cyclists, all on the wrong side of the road going over the Rimutakas, so I presumed they were cycle couriers. What I surprise I had when I found they were actually part of the Tour of Wellington race.

Why are these non-contributors to anything regarding the cost of roads allowed to break the law under the guise of cycling being a sport?

Many times I have been held up following some shiny backsides as they labour uphill, stretched across the road, holding up drivers attempting to go about their business and being helped in this by police vehicles. I am fed up to the teeth with it.

Could that be tongue in cheek? Or is the guy just emotional mal-adjusted?

Then again, if they ban cyclists from using the road (which seems to be implied) we'd have to be allowed to ride everywhere off road - including the footpath - hooray!
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Postby Jono on Tue 15/Jan/02 10:15pm

Of course, another way for roadies to get free road to break rules on is "synchronised breakdowns" - get two cars, and get them to break down on both sides of the rimutakas simultaneously. Then you've got the whole hill to play with. It would be great, because everyone knows that riding over a boring hill is great, and if you fall off, it's grat(ing)...  :satan:
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Postby Jono on Thu 17/Jan/02 10:13pm

They are going to shave a punters leg(s). Maybe they could give him a deliberate comb-over instead (where you shave the top of your head, grow the sides long, and the comb over the top). It's important that you grow this hairstyle while you still have hair...  ;)
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