The Top Gear Thread

Postby Tama on Wed 17/May/06 3:50pm

what happend to Clarkson? why are we getting best ofs?

google isnt helping!!!

enquiring minds and all that.
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Postby Stun on Wed 17/May/06 3:51pm

Football world cup?
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Postby ShortStuff on Wed 17/May/06 3:53pm

yeah wat happened to him, hes probably like dead and bbc just dosen't know how to tell everyone :D
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Postby wachtourak on Wed 17/May/06 3:54pm

There is a new series that's just started in the UK...they aren't best of's...I downloaded episode 2 on sunday night...

Clarkson exploded his back a while ago
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Postby Sims on Wed 17/May/06 3:59pm

New series has been reduced to 30min, or so i read in top gear magazine. Something about bbc having to sqeeze in the world poker champs…
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Postby wachtourak on Wed 17/May/06 4:01pm

Episodes I have are one hour long...
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Postby chchdher on Wed 17/May/06 4:21pm

I heard in the pit that his back gave out, and since the small guy can't see over the dashboard and the other guy can't even slide sideways they can't do the car testing.
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Postby JK2 on Wed 17/May/06 4:22pm

it said at the start last week he had injured himself in a car accident.
no details or closeup photos though
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Postby DD-Rick on Wed 17/May/06 4:23pm

I heard they had lost the airfield location and were looking for somewhere else. Are the new episodes wachtourak mentions at a new location?
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Postby sifter on Wed 17/May/06 4:24pm

I can't help.... I'm a Survivor addict you see... :huh:
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Postby banga on Wed 17/May/06 4:25pm

DD-Rick wrote: I heard they had lost the airfield location and were looking for somewhere else. Are the new episodes wachtourak mentions at a new location?

same location.
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Postby propster on Wed 17/May/06 4:29pm

Well if the new series has started in UK, it's obvious that prime are just showing best of due to them not having aquired the new series. the reason it'll mention clarkson getting injured is because that audio will be on the tape of the best of that prime recieved from bbc.

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Postby Datsane on Wed 17/May/06 4:31pm

Stun wrote: Football world cup?
I don't think that he would have run over any football players.
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Postby Vinnie on Wed 17/May/06 4:34pm

They record 3 different episodes I believe.

1 for the American market, 1 for BBC feed to the World and 1 for BBC-UK.

And thanks Wachtourak for that - I was just wondering when the new series would start.
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Top Gear

Postby Flyboy on Wed 17/May/06 4:38pm

Nah boys, dont worry about it- for some reason they have real short seasons over in the UK.

My flatmate is a downloading guru, and has already started to download the next season- looks pretty good aye, but I dont watch his downloads cos it spoils the treat of watching that awesome program each week.
gotta agree though- the best ofs suck really.

Look for some alterations in the program in the new season though Im told....

beers and cheers- in that order
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