Postby Tama on Thu 3/Jan/02 11:51am

A guy at my work phoned up a mate of his on New Years and said "Wassup"

His mate replied "I'm dressed as Elvis, standing in front of a bush fire holding a wet sack"

I thought this was a pretty cool/weird way to see in 2002. Has anyone else had strange New Year's experiences?
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Postby Naff on Mon 7/Jan/02 11:41am

yah, i had a night with these bunch of pissheads and a non alcohol drinker, at a quiet beach camping ground..... i dont know who they were, they just gatecrashed a quiet party we were having.  :angry: but you know, it was good, even tho i hit myself in the back of the head with a fire dancing chain that a glow stick was taped to, weird!  :withstupid:
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Postby Tama on Mon 7/Jan/02 12:23pm

You forgot to mention the sing-a-longs to Lounge/ Ska versions of "Hungry Like a Wolf" "Take on Me" and "Hotel California"  :crazy:
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Postby Jono on Mon 7/Jan/02 11:33pm

Umm, sitting on the couch, listening to something on the stereo (it was either the new godflesh album or something by chicane, just to add the oddness), and reading a very interesting book on IP Telephony. I knew it was past midnight only when the kiddies in our block came out onto the balcony opposite us and started yelling "merry new year". And, of course, the fact that we could hear the fireworks (there is something about an extremely concrete and brick city, with not as much trees or empty spaces as you would be used to, which means that the sound echoes pretty effectively. On a clear and quiet night, we can hear big ben toll, which is pretty cool...

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Postby seamonkey on Thu 10/Jan/02 3:51am

Me and my seamonkey partner slithered down to the Millienium Dome (great big tent)and ate crackers and drank tea.We also boogied the night away to the twisting sounds of pleanty of world famous DJ's that I had never heard of, well good actually. Resolution for 2002 Evolve to higher life form. Possibly Krill. :thumbsup:
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Postby littleman on Thu 10/Jan/02 3:11pm

spent it on a farm
talking to farmers
about farming
listening to best hits of the 90's
and watch people in their late 20's hitting on 7thformer's

wish i had a gun.
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Postby Jono on Fri 11/Jan/02 6:52am

Mmmm....risk fun....(we, too, have played nuclear risk) - although preferred to go for the "get the goth and the pagan at eachothers throats bit". They never failed - been going out for 7 years or something, but all it would take is "ankh - johns amassing pretty large armies on your borders" and there would be backstab city.  :D

I think my favourite risk move was (after drawing a huge number of armies) saying "where is the next soccer world cup being held?" (and after finding out it was in America), marching my huge stack of armies all the way through europe (from asia) into America, singing "here we go..." all the way.

It lost me the game, but was no end of fun...
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Postby kasester on Sun 30/Oct/05 9:42am

This form is as old as my english teacher.
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Postby apodtropehe on Sun 30/Oct/05 9:54am

3 years old!
Man, we've got a teacher who looks like he's 3 years old.
Baby face! :p
His face looks like an upside-down hot air balloon with glasses.
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Postby propster on Sun 30/Oct/05 10:10am

2002, got showered with haggis and saw asian tourists getting a "real once were warrior photo" with a couple of the dunedin mongrel mob members.
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Postby CrustyMTB on Mon 31/Oct/05 8:32pm

Swam with Orca, got blunted at Bark Bay, Able Tasman :D
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