Coming Soon: Virtual Orb

Postby Rik on Wed 3rd Mar 9:16am

Coming Soon - VORB Virtual-Orb

Virtual riding has exploded in recent years, but existing platorms have focused on competetive cyclist and corralled you to ride where they want you to ride.

What if you want to ride where you want to ride? Got a special place you've always wanted to tickoff your bucket list? Or just wanted to ride your local trail when the weather outside is too much? With Virtual Orb you choose where yo wnat to ride. We use Google Streetview to allow you to ride virtually anywhere on the planet. Streetview now covers a huge percentage of the planet and it's not just on the streets. For locations not covered by Google Streetview you can choose to ride using Google Maps overhead view.


How does it work?

Plan your route using your favourite route planning software. Strava, Garmin Connect, Komoot. Use a favourite route of your own, or download someone else's route.
Upload your route to VORB
Connect your smart trainer via Bluetooth/ANT+ to our apps. and you're all set to see the world.

No Smart trainer/ Power meter?
Not a problem, even a set of rollers. All you need is a Bluetooth/ANT+ speed sensor. We'll use that to speed you throught the virtual world.

I haven't even got a dumb trainer
We've got you covered there, even if you want get on the treadmill, sit on the sofa with your cubii or do zumba infront of the TV. You can still see the world, V-Orb allows you to set a speed you want to move and we'll take you there. No additional Apps. or hardware required.

Try it out for FREE

Interested? Want to know more? Leave a comment below.
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