Dirt Jumps Hamilton

Postby Izzy on Sun 8th Mar 4:28pm

Just found a dirt jump spot which is pretty full on needs a bit of a tidy up looks like who ever built it put alot of work in to it and you would have to be a good rider to ride there. Does anybody else know about this spot its by the Melville skate park.
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Re: Dirt Jumps Hamilton

Postby dwgknz on Wed 11th Mar 4:11am

It’s an old pump track, been there about 10 years.

It’s likely to be removed when they rebuild the skate park.
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Re: Dirt Jumps Hamilton

Postby AgrAde on Wed 11th Mar 10:15am

He's not talking about the pump track.

There's a few sets of jumps hidden in that area. I haven't ridden the ones you're talking about in years, glad to see they haven't been steamrolled.
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Re: Dirt Jumps Hamilton

Postby Brandon Lowther on Sat 25th Apr 8:10pm

these jumps were made a long time ago and there was a big roll in ramp. Unfortunately too many people would go up there and tamper with them and the ramp was destroyed. from there they have just fallin apart allthough every now and then people will go build them including myself.
Brandon Lowther
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