What Tyre For Clay?

Postby desmondo84 on Sat 18th May 9:47pm

With winter approaching, I'm already sliding all over the place. I'm lazy and just ride higher roller 2 all year round but any recommendations for something to give some form of grip in clay? 27 inch tubeless.
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Re: What Tyre For Clay?

Postby BrokenKonaRider on Mon 20th May 2:02pm

About the only tyre type I can think of for clay
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Re: What Tyre For Clay?

Postby Conners on Thu 23rd May 8:59am

My thoughts exactly. Although it does depend on the type of clay, if you're talking the slick hard stuff - then nothing really springs to mind as no tyre I've ever run has managed to grip on slick hard clay.

If its the looser type that clogs tyres to the point where they bind up in your fork arch and frame, then I guess you want something relatively open that sheds the clay/mud. But again, I've never found anything that does that in the really claggy sticky stuff.
Something like a proper mud tyre (Maxxis Medusa) would be the direction to try I guess, but would have its compromises in rolling resistance etc.

I run HRIIs all year round and find them a pretty good jack of all trades in most conditions.
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Re: What Tyre For Clay?

Postby phunk on Thu 23rd May 7:15pm

Maxxis shorty or magic Mary.
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