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Postby cep32 on Mon 15/Apr/19 11:50am

At risk of an online public stoning................

I suffer from really severe exercise induced migraines. Basically, for the night after a lot of my rides I am in crippling pain and in the worst cases spend the whole night curled over a bowl puking every hour or so.

The medical profession haven't been able to get to the bottom of it although it does seem to be related to my body not being able to hydrate when I exercise.

With this in mind, my wife has tentatively suggested an e-mtb so that the intensity of my ride is reduced and hopefully my body can operate a bit better.

The problem is that I'm 6'8" tall and 115kg so there isn't much out there that fits (I currently ride a 23" Trek Fuel EX).

I'm after something that has a reach of 510 or more and a decent stack height. I figure around 150-170mm travel, 29" wheels and good long chainstays are in order.

Other than the rather exotic Mondraker and Nicolai bikes, is there anything out there? My Google Fu has failed me so far.

So far the only thing I've seen is a Kona Remote Cntrl but that is a bit light on travel.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: E-mtb

Postby BrokenKonaRider on Mon 15/Apr/19 2:26pm

I'd re-post your question at MTBR.
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Re: E-mtb

Postby cep32 on Tue 16/Apr/19 9:05am

Thanks, will do.
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Re: E-mtb

Postby swtchbckr on Tue 16/Apr/19 10:43am

Magnesium deficiency?
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Re: E-mtb

Postby cep32 on Tue 16/Apr/19 11:27am

I've tried it all unfortunately.

Different supplements, different ways of hydrating, anti-inflammatories, long warm up, long warm down, diet changes, etc.

The only thing that reduces the risk is a electrolyte power, anti-inflams and sugary (non-complex carbs) bars all at the same time. So not good in pretty much every way for the rest of my body.

I've basically got to the end of my tolerance for test anything else as each migraine seems to be even more debilitating than the last.

The one thing I haven't done is go to sportsmed in Christchurch and have them look me over. It's pretty pricey to do from Nelson unfortunately.
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