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What To Ride At Cap

Postby cep32 on Tue 2/Oct/18 9:57am

I'm down from Nelson for the weekend and due to family duties can get in two runs at the Christchurch Adventure Park. For those that know Nelson, I'm happy on trails up to Hotbox and Te Ara Koa. I'll ride anything at the Wairoa Gorge grade 3 and below.

Given the above, what two route down would you recommend? Or even one route twice if it's good?

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Re: What To Ride At Cap

Postby Sikamikanico on Tue 2/Oct/18 11:54am

I'd probably head around to leoss rider for the first one and then down shredzilla if it was the only two runs I got and it was my first time there.

I'd also recommend riding up dyers pass to get to them as well. the climbing track in the park is a massive ball ache.

I know there have been a few new trails open up since I last rode there that have got a bit of buzz around them, but my understanding is that they are a bit more steep and technical than te ara koa.
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Re: What To Ride At Cap

Postby cep32 on Tue 2/Oct/18 12:32pm

They both look like a good place to start. Thanks.
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Re: What To Ride At Cap

Postby radiusq on Tue 2/Oct/18 3:34pm

I'd avoid running the main trails down out in the open.

DOHC (Double Overhead CAM) is in dire need of some TLC, and is really blown out. It's a Grade 4 at the moment but is the required route down even if you take a blue from the top.

So yes, best advice as above is to head towards Loess rider. It's a fun flow track, but requires a small traverse to get to (~5min). Anyway, it's a fun track. Shredzilla has a small rocky section that is worthy of Grade 4 status - it's short.
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Re: What To Ride At Cap

Postby swtchbckr on Wed 3/Oct/18 10:42am

Yeah, for 2 runs, that sounds sensible, Loess, then Shred. They're more like what the park was like when it was first opened... ie, groomed through forest, then slightly more steeperer sketchy through forest. The open stuff on the main area is all blown to bits. DOHC yesterday, (first time for months!) was fun, but is pretty messy, you've certainly gotta pick your line. I was following my 14 year old son down it (him on a hard-tail) and we shredded, but I was nearly caught out a couple of times following him too close.
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