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Short Dropper Post

Postby Luke on Sat 11/Nov/17 7:59am

I have a 2014 Marin XM7 which has a very short interrupted seat tube. On the small frame I got (second hand) it had a 30.9 x 385mm KS dropzone post which was way to tall. Have worked out that I need a 295mm or shorter 30.9 post for maybe could get away with a 320mm 27.2 one with a shim.

Most posts are 400mm or so and the only two I've found are the gravity dropper turbo ( which comes in all sizes but costs half as much as the bike is worth or the KS LEV (

I have seen a seatpost that manually telescopes with a qr lever on the post too in the past but my googling skills can't seem to turn anything up now.

It's only to go on a bike I want to put a seat/drag around the kids on ( ... -bike-seat and so not wanting to spend the earth.

Are there any other options?
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Re: Short Dropper Post

Postby Velocipedestrian on Sat 11/Nov/17 9:54am

Vital did a comparison recently of droppers. Part of the criteria was the different length measurements.
But the result will be spendy.

The telescoping qr was a Titec Scoper, perfect for what you describe, but long out of print. Good luck finding one.
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Re: Short Dropper Post

Postby el_booto on Sat 11/Nov/17 8:15pm

Velocipedestrian wrote:The telescoping qr was a Titec Scoper, perfect for what you describe, but long out of print. Good luck finding one.

not overly complicated to manufacture your own, i've been working on making one with a relative for his bike because he's a tightarse who doesn't want to shell out for a dropper that exists in the spec he wants :rolleyes:
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