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Stuffed Seatstay Pivot Thread - Shops Fault?

Postby theFan on Tue 7/Nov/17 8:58am


I wanted to clean up and re-lube the pivots of my fs bike that's now about 16 months old. Everything went fine until i got to the seatstay-linkage pivot (the bolt screws into a thread cut into the seatstay). As i was undoing it the bolt didn't want to come out, the next thing you know bits of thread are being churned out the back of the pivot. The same thing happened to the other side of that pivot.

To cut a long story short, I figured the bolts must have seized on to the inner race of the bearings. i got the bolts out after trying lots of WD40, freeze spray and in the end tapping with a hammer and some cunning usage of clamps.

And the verdict?? Some ****ing idiot had used red loctite on the the threads and managed to get it a significant amount onto each bearing. That's right, someone loctited the bolts to each bearing..

So i cast my mind back to who might have done it (bearing in mind that the only people to touch this bike are me and the shop I bought if from) and i remember that at the first service my bike had, about a year ago under the new bike deal i got from my shop, I said that one of the shock bolts kept coming undone. When i picked it up they said they'd added some loctite. So, not only did they get the wrong pivot, they loctited the bolt to the bearing...

So, I've now got two bearings that need replacing, gone rough which i assume is due to all the lateral load they've had while i removed the bolts (the all the other bearings are fine), and the seatstay has the thread on one side half chewed out, and the other side about 1/4 chewed out.

SHould i hit-up the shop and say that it's their screw-up? Or is it reasonable to say that If i'd had them do the pivot re-grease they'd have realised what had happened and wouldn't have chewed up the threads like i did, making it my fault? I'm pretty sure if they'd done the work they would have decided to just leave that pivot alone and tell me it was all good...

And how should i fix it - there's probably not a whole lot of sideways force involved so i might get away with the bolt going in to less thread. Or i could buy a new seatstay, or i could take it to a machine shop and get a helicoil/thread insert put in to each side of the seatstay? Can anyone recommend a shop that could do this?

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Re: Stuffed Seatstay Pivot Thread - Shops Fault?

Postby dwgknz on Tue 7/Nov/17 9:41am

Take lots of photos for evidence. Talk to the shop and possibly distributor if no love from them.

One of our resident engineering boffins will correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't red Loctite need high heat or high torque to remove it and therefore no good for aluminium..... Not sure why it would even be in a bike shop.
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Re: Stuffed Seatstay Pivot Thread - Shops Fault?

Postby Dougal on Tue 7/Nov/17 11:50am

You'll be able to fix it with a helicoil to repair the thread.
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