Postby Scotty on Sun 22/Oct/17 8:09am

Missing the days of old when men were men, bikes were boat anchors, and training consisted of doing press-ups on the edge of skyscrapers while listening to bad 80's hair-metal?

Be sad no more faithful punter, Red Bull rampage is on next weekend. Tune in to watch some of the world's best riders get their NWD-style on while falling off the side of mountains in Utah.

Live feed here: https://www.redbull.tv/live/AP-1M77N5KZ ... ll-rampage

Last year's full episode:

Credit: Red Bull
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Re: Raaaaaampage!

Postby Astoria Paranoia on Sat 28/Oct/17 12:56pm

Final Results

1. Kurt Sorge 92.66
2. Cam Zink 90.33
3. Ethan Nell 90.00
4. Brandon Semenuk 89.66
5. Brett Rheeder 89.33
6. Thomas Genon 89.00
7. Carson Storch 87.66
8. Kyle Strait 87.33
9. Tyler McCaul 87
10. Tom van Steenbergen 84.33
11. Andreu Lacondeguy 83
12. Antoine Bizet 81.66
13. Darren Berrecloth 81
14. Vincent Tupin 78
15. Pierre Edouard Ferry 76.33
16. Logan Binggeli 69.66
17. Bas van Steenbergen 68.66
18. Ryan Howard 67.66

Got a spare 4.75 hours?
Astoria Paranoia
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Re: Raaaaaampage!

Postby Velocipedestrian on Sat 28/Oct/17 3:41pm

Astoria Paranoia wrote:Final Results

Spoiler alert?
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Re: Raaaaaampage!

Postby AgrAde on Sun 29/Oct/17 12:16am

I think it's fair to assume spoilers in a thread about it.

Best event in years. No wind, good runs, some real gnarly features and some new tricks. Best moment for me was probably Semenuk's one footed cork 3 or whatever it was on his first run because it was super stylish. And Nell stomping his second run and getting podium :thumbsup:
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Re: Raaaaaampage!

Postby Dougal on Sun 29/Oct/17 1:28am

Bear Claw is still competing!
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Re: Raaaaaampage!

Postby Scotty on Sun 29/Oct/17 9:50am

I think the discussion about it being about big mountain lines versus flippy-whippy stuff is a valid one.

I think there's still a bit too much being scored on the jumps at the bottom rather than the burly big mountain lines.
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Re: Raaaaaampage!

Postby AgrAde on Sun 29/Oct/17 10:28am

I thought it was clear from the judging they were valuing the big stuff. Look at bizet's score.
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