Stretch Routines/circuits

Postby Scotty on Sun 22/Oct/17 7:44am

I'm a toight like a tiger, especially through the lower back/hip area.

Anyone got a good go-to stretch programme for people-that-don't-move-good with limted flexibility?
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Re: Stretch Routines/circuits

Postby Scaredy_Cat on Tue 24/Oct/17 9:46am

I've been using routines from Do Yoga With Me dot com... There's a 30 min hip, lower back and hammie class that hits all the "older person who tries to bike and run" bits. You'll most likely need a strap (or an old belt) and a foam block (or could use a folded up pillow/towel or something).
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Re: Stretch Routines/circuits

Postby jo on Tue 24/Oct/17 9:51am

Whatever you do - I'd like to suggest "a little, often", is more effective than "an hour, once a week". However tempting it is to put it off til tomorrow, dont be afraid of just doing the first 5 mins of SC's video before you go to bed.

I've been doing iyengar yoga weekly for 3 years but my real gains are made when I do something more frequently.
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Re: Stretch Routines/circuits

Postby dwgknz on Wed 25/Oct/17 12:18pm

Have you had a look at the stuff on Pinkbike
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Re: Stretch Routines/circuits

Postby Velocipedestrian on Wed 25/Oct/17 1:41pm

dwgknz wrote:Have you had a look at the stuff on Pinkbike

This, plus Ryan Leech.
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