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Single Speed Build

Postby mountford on Mon 17/Apr/17 10:01am

Hello Guys,
just new to this site and am looking for a bit of help. My 14 year son is getting into bikes and would like to build a road bike with the looks of a fixed speed bike but with a 3 or 5 speed hub. He would like it to have a look like the following attachments. Has anyone got any ideas regarding a hub, frame etc, i understand that the post bikes use a 3 speed hub are there any other bikes that he could get one off. He has got a tight budget that he needs to stick to so any ideas would be great. thanks
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Re: Single Speed Build

Postby OliverBendix on Mon 17/Apr/17 1:53pm

Tight second hand sized budget or tight new budget? For reference, my steel single speed cyclocross bike was about $1200 if I honestly add up the combo of new frame, trademe/vorb second hand parts and new bits from CRC to finish it. You could get something similar for much less if you were lucky on trademe.

Will fish out a pic of mine.
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Re: Single Speed Build

Postby shmoodiver on Mon 17/Apr/17 2:06pm

You can have this for a grand
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Re: Single Speed Build

Postby el_booto on Mon 17/Apr/17 4:06pm

NZPost bikes use a sram P5 internal hub (5sp)
you could look at something like a schwinn speedster which in essence, is a fixie with a 3sp IGH and a coaster brake (like your boy will have had on his 12/16/20" bikes)

i believe the speedster is a discontinued model however you may find a shop in your area with some old stock
or: you could apply the "built not bought" theory and pick up a frame and build something similar. this is definitely the more spendy way of doing it but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you built it with parts you picked out
i prefer this way because i like doing things the hard way bikes are an individual thing
... that and i'm a giant vandal that ate too many pies so i wreck stuff... :paranoid:

i would suggest having a word with the mech at your friendly local bike shop, that's always a good place to start and make a list from there. that way: you know what you'll be in for
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Re: Single Speed Build

Postby mountford on Mon 17/Apr/17 6:24pm

Hello Guys

thanks for the replies, Henry would like to go down the built not brought road, he wants to learn how things work and like you say gets a bit of satisfaction out of it too. From what i understand the post bikes were build here in timaru by Reiker bikes? i am hoping to see them this week and who knows they may be able to help. I have also contacted the bike polo club here and one the guys is going to ask around for a frame.
Nice looking bike Oliver, the disks on it look good too.
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Re: Single Speed Build

Postby OliverBendix on Mon 17/Apr/17 9:47pm

That's Brad's bike (shmoodiver), not mine. It is nice. Would cost more than he's asking to build from parts - but i understand building, it's fun.

Mines a Pompino, from on-one.
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