Urban Arrow Cargo Bike.

Postby Fraser on Tue 14/Mar/17 1:40am

Looking forward to buying a new bike and the urban arrow seems to be what I like. I really like the drive train too. The Nuvinci harmony and Bosch edrive with belt drive seems to me the future. The exposed derailleur and chain have always been a weakpoint with bicycles as this is needed to make it easy to pedal, but a constant source of maintanace. Electric assistance eats gears as there is more torque. The Harmony automatic CVT keeps pedal rpm constant and also adjusts for speed so you don't get high geared mid corner. I prefer the Bosch edrive as it uses pedal pressure to modulate electrical assistance. At €4000 it is cheaper than a DH bike and much more practical.

I am going to get a Urban Arrow family with the polystyrene lined load area. Any other suggestions from Cargo bike owners in terms of parts or accessories?
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Re: Urban Arrow Cargo Bike.

Postby jimmi71 on Tue 14/Mar/17 6:18am

Wow. That is a cool bike! Just out of interest, what are you using it for?
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Re: Urban Arrow Cargo Bike.

Postby Fraser on Tue 14/Mar/17 9:48am

I live in Finland so just support crew for the kids. I have had a bike trailer before and found that this was a nice buffer for being the sag wagon for the kids now they are riding. I have been looking at a new bike and been looking at a 29er with the Bosch edrive.
However the terrain isn't the same as NZ, so just as Finland is a land of 1000 lakes (187888 actually) NZ is a land of a thousand hills and you need brakes/shocks/gears and shuttle vehicles. Finland is flatter, so most of the suburbia is connected by open forests, the footpaths are multi use, wide enough for a snow plow but used by walkers, cyclists, skaters, cross country skiers and mopeds.
In NZ I used a car/van alot more to take my MTB bike or DH rig to somewhere filthy and rode on the road with cars. In Finland it is more seasonal, come Spring/summer we won't use the car for anything other than shopping or long journeys. So this is where the wheelbarrow on wheels can justify its price. I am quite looking forward to filling the cargo area with beer and ice and enjoying summer.
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