Worldrider Mountain Yak

Postby Rgidhooked on Thu 10/Dec/15 12:02am

Hey all.
I just got a Mountain Yak off TM, nice fillet brazing to the head tube, top tube into seat tube, and a fillet brazed Unicrown fork, which I have not seen before.
I would like to know if anyone knows anything, seems very high in frame wise fro NZ at the time?
I am guessing on date at around 1987-89 going by the BR-MT60 brakes
A few pics.
As purchased
In the beginning of strip down
Really nice seat cluster arrangement
Internal cabling stuck fast.
Very nice fillet brazing
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Re: Worldrider Mountain Yak

Postby neels on Thu 10/Dec/15 12:02pm

Looks about the same vintage as the world rider road bike I had a while back, which was assembled in very similar fashion out of tange tubing, and had reasonably high end componentry. Looks like yours even has the biopace chainrings.

There seems to be very little information about world rider bikes in general, other than the basics of where they were made and when, about the only way to date them is from the date codes on the componentry.
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Re: Worldrider Mountain Yak

Postby Trail on Thu 10/Dec/15 12:52pm

There were a bunch of different levels of Mountain Yak. The 150, 250, 350 and the top of the line Yak Prestige or something. Frames were probably the same and component levels went up as the numbers went up.

To me that looks like the early version of the Yak - so perhaps before there were different levels?

There are people around who could probably identify that bike at a glance. Peter Page at Dr Bike would be a good start if you want more info. He was probably working at The Cyclery in Timaru when they made that bike - and might have sold a few.
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Re: Worldrider Mountain Yak

Postby Rgidhooked on Fri 11/Dec/15 10:17am

Thanks for the replies, it is a Prestige, I finally got the rear brake cable out, need to clear the rust as it has become obstructive, as soon as that is done I will build it up.
Will try to contact Peter Page too, see what he knows
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Re: Worldrider Mountain Yak

Postby MuayThaiOnABike on Sun 13/Dec/15 3:58pm

Scanned this from an old dealer catalogue

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Re: Worldrider Mountain Yak

Postby Spectre on Tue 7/Mar/17 8:37pm

Definitely a Mountain Yak, N.Z. made?
Chromoly custom
I have rebuilt my Mountain Yak, not sure if it is by world-rider?
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