Wada Brings In Ban On Xenon And Argon

Postby mfw on Mon 1/Sep/14 3:05pm


I never heard of this before, any cyclist / welders out there that have had a toke?
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Re: Wada Brings In Ban On Xenon And Argon

Postby Rik on Mon 1/Sep/14 5:44pm

I saw this and if it wasn't April 1st I'd call it a joke. Its quite extraordinary what they dream up these days to help athletes
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Re: Wada Brings In Ban On Xenon And Argon

Postby slidecontrol on Mon 1/Sep/14 5:52pm

oxy-acetylene or arc welding only!
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Re: Wada Brings In Ban On Xenon And Argon

Postby Fraser on Tue 2/Sep/14 6:22am

There are people selling the Altitude tents to sleep in. The theory is that you zip your tent with this air pump that reduces the oxygen to a high altitude and raise your red blood cell count while your sleep - natures EPO muthafucka!

Now it sounds great, But your recovery is slower and you need to spend over 16 hours a day in it to trick your body to think it is a mile high. Until you read into the side effects of oxygen deprivation, fluid build up in your lungs pulmonary edema or cerebral edema where fluid accumulates in your brain basically altitude sickness which kills you. As this is happening while you sleep there is an increase of other risks of not having oxygen to your brain, seizures or coma, nothing really.
But then you have the accumulative effects of this thicker blood going around your body over time, blood clots and blown heart valves and although your blood vessels get larger with altitude your lungs have the opposite where the blood vessels narrow just like a smoker!
There are other minor that you don't want to know about or car as I am sure that alot of punters want an easy way to train without doing anything.
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