Cycletour Trip Africa

Postby cairotocapetown on Sun 31/Aug/14 6:31pm

I plan to bike Cairo to Cape Town next year start approx. end of Jan 2015. If anyone is planning a similar trip and would like to join part or all of the way then pls get in touch. I am South African live in NZ and know the continent a little but have never biked in any parts of Africa apart from South Africa. If anyone has biked or travelled in Africa and have any advise then I would very much appreciate it. Thanks
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Re: Cycletour Trip Africa

Postby sifter on Mon 1/Sep/14 11:01am

I haven't read this yet, but have a physical copy on my bookshelf at home. There might be something useful (or simply motivational) in it =} ... 22759.html
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Re: Cycletour Trip Africa

Postby PeteG on Mon 1/Sep/14 8:54pm

The Book by Lindsay Gault is a great read, Lindsay ride in a supported cycle trip from Cairo to Cape Town with I also ride with Tour d Afrique in 2012!
I only got to Khartoum before getting a little ill

Here is a good very by a Solo Cycle Tourist I hope this is of help to you.
Watch out for the Tiger's :)

I plan on riding Solo in a few year time to finish my ride to Cape Town


PS: I know there are no Tiger's in Africa! But before I left people keeped saying watch out for the Tiger's too me :o
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Re: Cycletour Trip Africa

Postby weetbicks on Mon 1/Sep/14 10:59pm

Long time lurker here.

I rode the Tour d'Afrique in 2013 all the way so am happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to PM or email me "daniel at weekbicks dot com"

There were also 4 other kiwis on the full tour that year (plus Lindsay who rode a couple of sections) so if there is anything I can't answer (which is unlikely) then I can ask one of them no problem.



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Re: Cycletour Trip Africa

Postby EoinC on Mon 1/Sep/14 11:41pm

Good job, Daniel!
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