Tilted Sally & Tits Storm Damages

Postby madpete on Sat 6/Jul/13 8:14pm

so the recent snow storm left a trail of destruction on the upper DH tracks at Vic Park.

One area that got hit really hard was the upper sections of Tilted Sally & TITS.

TITS is no more as it is covered by heaps of fallen VERY large pine trees. Tilted Sally faired a little better but the eastern side of Tilted Sally is also under fallen trees and todays track building session created a new line that bypasses the fallen section.
Looking down Tilted Sally - track is under those up rooted trees on the left

looking up Tilted Sally - track is to the right under the tree

The switch back on Tilted Sally is under there..somewhere. the trees on the angle are "hung" up and will fall down in the next snow/big wind so don't go under them (they are taped off)

looking down the fence (see it on the right) to where TITS was...TITS in under some very large fallen trees

looking up the hill towards TITS, Tilted Sally now comes out on the right. I'm standing 4 metres in the air above Tilted Sally on one of the fallen trees. More fallen trees on the left out of view, but this view shows a 10m by 80m strip of pure destruction

Tilted Sally is now fully repaired but take care on the new lines that have been cut out today as they are raw and will need more work after it is bedded in. Top section of Tilted Sally is dry but the section below the road gap (which is also under fallen trees) is wet & slippery

Happy riding
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Re: Tilted Sally & Tits Storm Damages

Postby Trail on Sat 6/Jul/13 8:35pm

Potential for more log rides??
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Re: Tilted Sally & Tits Storm Damages

Postby Fraser on Sun 7/Jul/13 4:50am

Yeah gotta watch it when you chainsaw the big fallen trees with the roots pulled out of the ground. Punters start slicing the tree trunk up thinking this is easier than felling a tree normally. Yet without the weight of a tree the roots/stump can rights itself - easy way to lose a dog ;)
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