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Postby Melissa_Theuriau on Mon 6/May/13 8:29pm

The curtain has fallen on a phenomenal first season of XRACE. We have already been asked - will you be doing this again next year? The answer is an unequivocal YES!!. On behalf of all our team, I don't think we've ever enjoyed putting on events that were so much fun as XRACE.

Planning has already begun on season two and we have some fantastic twists already planned.

But since we last spoke, we have had our GRAND FINAL in Rotorua. This event was simply put - insane. Two days and 20 challenges saw a mother and daughter team from Gisborne become New Zealand's XRACE grand champions. Based on the regional events, all 12-year-old girls started the grand final as favourites - but the overall champion was eight-year-old - Zara Potter.

Some of the challenges included luging, rounding up sheep and eating Huhu grubs. The story is well worth the read. Click here for the grand final stories.

As we leave you to enjoy the winter months, we are going to leave the last words to a Wellington dad, Kelvin and his son Cameron. If you have any of your own stories like Kelvin's, please email them to us. We would love to hear and in some cases share your stories to. Click here to share your stories.

Thanks again for all your efforts in organising the XRACE. I thought I would take the opportunity to give you feedback on what was an amazing event. Firstly, I thought I would let you know our XRACE journey, and what it has meant to us.

My son has absolutely flourished thanks to this event, and I can't believe the difference it has made to him. Cameron has always been a clever kid, but in terms of his physical development he has always struggled. He was always one of those kids that finished last in any sporting event, in the school cross country etc.

Ever since being a toddler, any physical activity that other kids would just jump to, he has always struggled to learn. But this XRACE completely captured his imagniation. When we first heard of the Wellington event, I told him I would be quite happy to do it with him - but that he would have to promise to train hard over summer. And train hard he did. We had a great summer training for this with Cameron often asking for me to go for runs with him when I get home from work.

He is now a very good runner (along with developing interesting skills like hula hooping and stilt walking). Cameron was the 3rd fastest 9 year old at the Wellington event. We were the ones you referred to in your summary as the "Wellington Mountain Runners".

We finished day 1 of the final in third place, took the lead early on day 2, before dropping to third on the gondalas down the mountain. We finished the Agrodome challenges in second place, before searching the wrong end of Kairau Park and finishing in 8th overall. Anyway, the idea that Cameron could spend at least part of a race in first place was such a special experience for us, and one that was awesome to be able to share together.

He has now been seeking on the internet to find all sorts of other events he wants to enter, and is really looking forward to the school cross country to show off his skills. So thank you so much.

So as for the feedback: Overall, the race was brilliant. You have done a fantastic job. Timing: The kids especially loved how this
event was timed, and they got to use their transponder chips etc. That made it into a genuine competition.

The challenges were very well planned. I don't know if it was by chance or design, but as one of the people at the front of the pack, it was very clever how the challenges were harder on the front teams. This meant it was hard to get away from the field - but this makes a better race.

There were a couple of challenges where queues started to happen. This was a little frustrating. There is probably a way of engineering the events to avoid this. In particular, for us, this happened at the blindfold, the weaving, the sheep tag and the inflatable sausage (although for 2 of these we were at the front of the crowd, so it acted to our advantage).

Your teasers of what challenges you had too where great. We enjoyed spending a wet Sunday afternoon in the garage practicing stilt walking.

Thanks again - and well done.

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