Frame Repair In Northern Ak? Worth It?

Postby Matahina on Wed 27/Mar/13 10:56am

Can anyone suggest where to get a crack in a chromoly steel frame repaired in northern Auckland? If not I will send to Jeff at Kiwibikes Rotorua

Any opinions as to whether having these cracks in the seat tupe welded is worthwhile?

Frame is a Ragley Piglet. I am not sure but due to the extended seat tube above the toptube of the frame, the minimum insert of the seatpost may have been too high relative to seatstay junction.
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Re: Frame Repair In Northern Ak? Worth It?

Postby Velocipedestrian on Wed 27/Mar/13 11:02am

Min insert is safe for the post, but insertion below the top tube/seat tube junctions is safe for the frame.
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Re: Frame Repair In Northern Ak? Worth It?

Postby Magia01 on Wed 27/Mar/13 12:17pm

Could try Chris Hewitt of CRAFT COMPONENTS ( he may be able to help

He did an outstanding job on my Carbon Frame I decided to slide along the road, he also he repaired a old titanium frame for me as well. If he can't fix it he will most likely know who can
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Re: Frame Repair In Northern Ak? Worth It?

Postby Mr_Bob on Wed 27/Mar/13 9:22pm

Try Frank at Velomaster

Or Tom Fyfe on

Very highly rate their work :thumbsup:
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Re: Frame Repair In Northern Ak? Worth It?

Postby foremannz on Thu 28/Mar/13 7:05pm

Excluding the fact I know Jeff, he's also bloody good at what he does - I wouldn't question, just send it down ;)
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Re: Frame Repair In Northern Ak? Worth It?

Postby Simonius_Titius on Thu 28/Mar/13 8:00pm

That vertical crack in the seat tube is unusual, I guess it shows that the seat stay was able to flex the seat tube. That could only happen if the post is not inserted to below the bottom of the top tube, or if the post was too narrow.

It might be that your post is effectively shorter than a ruler would suggest because of a subtle taper at the bottom.
I have Kalloy post with a 30mm taper on the base, it is dated 03.08. You can't see the taper but rocking a straightedge against it makes it obvious. The diameter is reduced by about 0.3mm at the bottom.

Since your post is so long and it is a MTB I would be inclined to insert it further, and to below the zone weakened by the weld.

If it were a dropped seatstay design with the stays meeting the back wall of the seat tube like that the post would need to extend down enough to support the seatstays.
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