The Leap Of Faith And Auckland Registrations Over 1000 Mark

Postby Melissa_Theuriau on Fri 22/Mar/13 12:36pm

XRACE Auckland has reached capacity with over 1000 registrations already. So if you want to enter XRACE Auckland you had better click here - only 20 team spots left.

The Leap of Faith
What a fantastic XRACE season we are having! In Palmerston North, one challenge was suitably called “the leap of faith”. Picture this: a 5 metre high diving platform into a deep, deep pool. Teams were given three options: go off the 5m high platform, equals no penalty; attempt the 3m board and receive a time penalty; go from the side of the pool and it is a double penalty.

With teams having absolutely no idea this challenge was waiting, the responses mainly from the parents ranged from “this is freaking awesome” to absolute horror. What happened next mostly warmed the hearts of spectators and supporters alike. Most Mums and Dads manned up and went straight off the 5m.

One team in particular deserves special mention here. A Mum in her late 30s arrived at the diving platform with her son. She goes "3 metre?" Son goes, "no way, 5 metre." Bless her, she didn't protest, but she wasn't happy. She was far from happy. And as the son bounds up the stairs, Mum gets slower and slower. She gets to the top of the 5 metre platform and holds onto the handrail like there is no tomorrow. She watches with complete pride as her son dances to the edge of the platform and, without hesitation or even bothering to look - leaps.

Her pride in her boy was as fleeting as her own hopeless situation. The son dog-paddled to the edge of the pool and sat on the ledge screaming for Mum like she had just taken an intercept pass in the Rugby World Cup. Mum knew this was it - talk the talk, it's time to leap this walk.

Mum lets go of the handrail. Mum takes one timid step at a time - people have witnessed glaciers moving faster. Mum gets to the edge of the pool and freezes. Like a statue. Her son screams support at her. Mum pauses. She pauses again. And again. Everyone around the pool has stopped what they are doing to watch poor Mum. Complete strangers have joined in the chant: "Come on, Mum, you can do it!"

Mum moves out into the ether. The leap was no Greg Louganis moment - it was way better than the Olympic champions. Out she steps from the platform and then she inexplicably tries to run - in thin air, 5 metres above terra aqua. And she doesn't stop running as she drops like a lead anvil - all the way down with a leg turnover faster than Usain Bolt until she finally breaks the water.

And the look on her son's face - pride, complete and utter pride. Mum inelegantly flutters to the side of the pool and joins her beaming son, who hasn't noticed that Mum has still not spoken a word nor even screamed since she climbed the first stair. No matter; her son was easily making enough conversation for the both of them.

See you at your XRACE.
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