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Postby Cabin on Fri 15/Mar/13 1:02am

 Not racing seriously for a period of time has its advantages. For instance 1) A few (well, a lot) more extra dollars saved in the pocket. And 2) less need for a one purpose specialist bike. Which got me thinking as to what bikeI might choose if I only had one bike. You know, something that climbs well, but is super fun downhill. Really sure footed on rough trails. Reliable etc...

.... so I bought/built one. And here she is. An Avanti Coppermine 2, with customized spec. For the tech geeks read below for spec's. For everyone else, all you need to know is its super fun to ride!

Avanti Coppermine 2 (Medium) - 130mm travel 29er
Fox 34 fork
Stans Arch EX All Mtn Wheelset
XT Trail brakes (180 rotors)
KS Lev dropper post
SRAM XX1 crankset
X9 type 2 derailleur + Trigger shifter
XT Cassette

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Original Published: 4:23pm Thursday, 14th March 2013 - NZST
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Re: New Toy

Postby RugbySucks on Fri 15/Mar/13 9:55am

Nice build. Light and well specc'ed.

How did you keep the weight down ?

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Re: New Toy

Postby w00t on Fri 15/Mar/13 10:39am

Nice :)
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Re: New Toy

Postby mfw on Fri 15/Mar/13 11:07am

So that's 1 * 10 with no bash ring?
And you've chosen wagon wheels for a 'fun' bike over a frisky 26"?
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Re: New Toy

Postby Garth on Fri 15/Mar/13 12:04pm

Starting to show your age a bit there Cabin.... ;)
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Re: New Toy

Postby waimaz21 on Sat 16/Mar/13 11:37pm

Hi Cabin
Love the bike I am looking at getting one of the Coppermine 29.2 too. I was wondering how tall are you as I am 179 and should be riding a large frame, which are very hard to come by at the moment. I can get my hands on a medium framed 29.2 as there are still a few around, I have ridden a medium vapour and it rode great. What do you think.
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Re: New Toy

Postby Cabin on Sun 17/Mar/13 3:52pm

Mine is a medium, and I am approx 178cm. Usually I prefer a stretched out position (XC background showing!), but am more than happy with the medium size. So probably a pretty good option for you.

Then plenty of choice with stems and bar widths etc...
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Re: New Toy

Postby shmoodiver on Sun 17/Mar/13 4:14pm

I'm 180 and I ride a medium torrent with a 70mm stem and 0 offset post, fits mint au
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Re: New Toy

Postby waimaz21 on Sun 17/Mar/13 4:30pm

Thanks I have been looking at measurements and bike geometry of the Vapour 29.2 and the Coppermine 29.2 and the Vapour is a little smaller. So if I get a Coppermine medium it will be a little larger than what I have test riden. When I start comparing the coppermine 29.2 medium to what I currently ride which is Scott spark large the copermine is only 7mm shorter in the effective top tube length where as the large coppermine is 14mm longer than the spark which is 610mm. Either way I will end up with a great bike I thought that the medium might corner a bit better than the large. One last question did you choose the medium over the large or did you have to go to the medium. Thanks heaps
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Re: New Toy

Postby Cabin on Sun 17/Mar/13 10:14pm

My choice

I ride Medium in pretty much all the 29ers I've had. For me an effective TT length between 590-610 is on the money. Then my Stem/Bar combo will vary a bit depending on the bikes use (ie my Team Competitor Hartail is 600mm TT, and I run 100mm stem. But on this I'll run an 80mm. And zero offset posts on all of them!)
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Re: New Toy

Postby waimaz21 on Mon 18/Mar/13 7:28pm

Thanks heaps for the advice I have placed my order for the Avanti Coppermine medium with a crank bros kronolog adjustable seat post. Get it Friday roll on the weekend. Cheers
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