Advice On Converting To Single Front Ring On Drivetrain

Postby jimzenglish on Mon 4/Mar/13 3:26pm

Hey there I've got a 2012 Trance X2 and the drivetrains getting pretty shot now I was looking at converting the current 3 x 9 setup to a 1 x 10 setup. Has anyone had any experience with doing this and can let me know if were happy with the result?
I use the bike for general trail riding around Nelson and the odd Super D event when it pops up. Don't do x-country racing or anything with it.

Cheers :)
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Re: Advice On Converting To Single Front Ring On Drivetrain

Postby swtchbckr on Mon 4/Mar/13 10:07pm

how low do you like your lowest gear? are you strong?

a 32t front ring, with an 11:34 (12:36?) cassette might just be enough for you if you hardly ever use your lowest granny gear now? but, you lose your top end.

otherwise, if you can afford it, from what i've seen, i'd highly recommend the new XX1. a friend has one and it is crisp and has a really good range, 32t front ring coupled with something like 9 or 10 to a whopping pie dish of a 42 on the rear. the 25% difference between his 32/42 combo is the same as my 24/32 combo.

And, the XX1 front rings have massively tall teeth on them, which really holds the chain on. Not to mention the 'clutch' derailleur, which means no chainslap and no chain drop! if i had 1800smackers i'd probably go for it...
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