Dmr With Pikes For Dj??

Postby tricky on Sat 4/Dec/10 9:10pm

So I've recently build up a DMR Trailstar as a do-it-all play bike for times when my 7" freeride rig is a pain in the arse - DJ, urban, sessioning "Brake Free", mucking around at the local park with my kids etc. etc. Would have got a more DJ specific frame but am 6'3" and wanted a bike that was still somewhat pedal-able, thought an 18" Trailstar would be a good compromise. Running some 5" Marzocchi Z1's that I had lying around the shed at present, but the're a bit tired and might be up for replacement sometime soon.

So given that that the bike is intended for a bit of jumping action:

- A set of Pikes, or a dedicated DJ fork?
- Is it sensible to jump on an adjustable travel Pike wound down to 100mm, or is the fork more fragile when wound down?
- Air or coil?
- Any features in particular that I should be looking out for for versatility as a jump fork?
- Any tuning recommendations for jumping?


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Re: Dmr With Pikes For Dj??

Postby pushbikerider on Sat 4/Dec/10 9:15pm

Fork should be stronger when wound down (more bushing over-lap)

the only thing with DJing a pike is that it tends to be hard on the crown / steerer / stanchion assembly (they tend to get creaky when ridden hard)

Coil fork for sure

make sure you have the correct spring for your weight, or even a touch firmer
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Re: Dmr With Pikes For Dj??

Postby slidecontrol on Sat 4/Dec/10 9:29pm

if you can find the parts, I believe the "pargyle" goes well for what you're after ( pike lowers with an argyle CSU )
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Re: Dmr With Pikes For Dj??

Postby SamKnight on Sun 5/Dec/10 12:17pm

info from rock shox when i emailed them about pargyles: pike lowers are exactly the same as argyle lowers (with the exception of the paint scheme).

Pikes worked well on my jumper for around 2 years until i moved to argyles, as PBR said they get a bit creaky if you ride them hard (ie 360's, tailwhips, and start nose casing etc) but otherwise they were mint.

I would go for the 409 (or similair) pikes (coil + u-turn) and get the right spring for you, then use the compression and rebound adjust to set the fork how you like it, i prefer them relatively soft with a quick rebound but thats just me.

I don't think you can buy new pikes any more, another fork to look at if you want a new fork but your on a budget is the RS Sektor (basically a trimmed down pike)
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Re: Dmr With Pikes For Dj??

Postby wachtourak on Sun 5/Dec/10 8:17pm

Yeah, Argyles are just pikes with a Tora CSU, so all these people wanking on about Pargyles are just making the same fork as they woulda had anyway, lololol
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Re: Dmr With Pikes For Dj??

Postby slidecontrol on Sun 5/Dec/10 9:07pm

lol, shows how much I know about dirt jumping gear. I think I'll leave it that way too :p
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