What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Speedanator on Sat 26/Dec/09 7:44am

2009 is nearly over, what were …

HIGHLIGHTS - Your cycling highlights and cycling in general?

LOWLIGHTS - Your cycling highlights and cycling in general?

2010 - What are your 2010 Cycling related goals? What are going to do, achieve, have or purchase?
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Oli on Sat 26/Dec/09 10:11am

1. Riding much more than I have for years to the point where for a shining moment there I could almost say I was fit
2. Riding Taupo with my wife
3. Riding the Creek to Peak with my son
4. Helping Bridie O'Donnell win Oceania gold

1. Getting so busy at work I lost any fitness gains I had made over winter
2. Losing the home/work/cycling balance badly at times and hating work because of it

2010 -
1. To ride lots, lose weight and get fit enough to be able to contemplate the 2011 Kiwi Brevet
2. Work for some cool cycling teams and hopefully assist their success
3. Keep the balance right and enjoy work again
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Grant on Sat 26/Dec/09 11:31am

1. Watching my daughters fall in love with riding
2. BP series (realised I had a bit more in the tank than I had previously thought)
3. Reaching my goal around Taupo (albeit a goal that might have been a bit too achievable :blush: )

1. I think any year where the lowlights still involve cycling is a pretty good year.

2010 -
1. Get faster, get stronger and see where that takes me :)
2. Win the Tour de France (sweepstakes)
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby istepinyards on Sat 26/Dec/09 1:31pm


1. Riding with my Dad and Brother
2. Riding the Scott 24hr with my Brother
3. Watching Contador own Armstrong in the tour
4. Watching Cancellara annihilate the field at World TT champs.
5. Seeing Brad McGee enjoying his DS role as much as being a pro.


1. Riders who go Pos. refusing to man up
2. Another year passing knowing I will never be able to ride with my brother again
3. O'Grady's shitty year with illness.
4. Cavendish smashing the shitter out of everyone else. It must be so easy having a train. TOOT TOOT


1. Win every family challenge
2. Stay healthy
3. Continue to enjoy family and friends while riding country roads.
4. Not following the lead of the Rotorua Road Rash :paranoid:
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Ahad on Sat 26/Dec/09 3:08pm

Getting my first roadbike and not having to borrow others :blush:
Riding with some guys much better than me in Le Race until the top of the Akaroa hill, before getting annihilated :lol:
Making a race out of Brunner in rec, and having a great time, even though it made the last 20ks pretty painful
Roly getting a podium in the Tour, inspiring me to get back riding/ training again, after having a real shitty couple of months after some "personal shit" went down.
Henderson wining a stage in the Tour of Spain

Oh yeah, learning first hand that "its not about the bike" and being over 5min slower on a roadbike, than on the mtb the year before in Le Race :blush:
Blowing the FoC rec event thinking I was stronger than I was, so doing too much early on, ruining any chance of getting a top20 spot.

Goals 2010
Buying some lighter racier wheels
Getting in first bunch up Dyers in Le race
Staying with the first bunch in the FoC rec event up Gebbies, just for a change! :hmmm:
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Gemz on Sat 26/Dec/09 3:23pm

1. Training in extremely shitty weather.
2. Setting conflicting and too many goals which stopped me achieving any of them.
3. Things ending badly with my coach of 3 years (Fergie) and feeling sad. :(

1. Getting a new cycling coach (Gydey) and feeling happy again! :)
2. Bronze medal in the elite women’s sprint at 45 years at the Track Nats.
3. Two UCI World Masters Titles & was given an iTouch from Rabo Plus for doing so (I think they are so amazing!)

CYCLING IN GENERAL – Increased number of Track Events for Women at the Olympics now equal to the men.

1. To Ride my fastest 200mTT ever at 45 years.
2. Have a big break from cycling over the winter.
3. Come up with a new and different cycling goal to challenge me later in 2010/11.
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby JohnnyC on Sat 26/Dec/09 3:28pm


-Moving to Rotorua, riding new places
-being at the finish line to see Steve Peat win the worlds

-Getting injured
-Getting sick


-Ride heaps of new places
-Stay fit and healthy, then actually make it to a race with some decent fitness
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby cooper770 on Sat 26/Dec/09 6:01pm

2009 Hi's.

setting a goal and bettering it.....each and every time I did a timed ride.
finishing my on again off again 15 years resto of my classic race car
getting to the end of it and being able to look at the books and say 'what recession'

2009 lo's.

still not dropping below 100kg, despite all the hard work and cutting out most of the carbs
watching my father after 60+ years of riding throwing in the towel and giving his bike away becuase of failing health

goals for 00...

new bike, full carbon.
finish a 'deal' I have working at the moment that if all goes well will nett a 7 figure pay out.....
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby the-right-to-evolve on Sat 26/Dec/09 7:08pm


1. learning a lot more and becoming smoother on my street bike especially basic stuff like high bunnyhops and 180s.

2. getting a fancy fixed gear that works really nicely


1.figuring out im spending a lot more time riding than skating (which worrys me a bit)

2.bailing off a shipping container

3. slamming my seat (i cant barspin now haha)

2010 -

1. manage my sports better so i can concentrate on both riding and skating

2. ride my fixie in town more

3. try and spend less money on my bikes (i dont think ill achieve that lol)

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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby latuff on Sat 26/Dec/09 8:40pm

highlights:its my first year racing :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby cauld on Sat 26/Dec/09 9:16pm

    Getting on my bike a bunch during winter.
    Given how much I travelled this year (just under 500,000km) it was amazing I got any real riding in at all. I peaked at ab out 250km/week through September.
    Finally getting my arse onto the Velodrome.
    Doing pretty well on the Velodrome. Got bumped to A grade in WLG after a few weeks and got some OK results there. Got 3rd in the match sprint at the recent Wanganui meet and got my goal 200m time for the season in my first outing- sub 12.5 seconds.
    Doing 3hr 10min in the K1. Was pretty pleased with this as had slated myself to start in the 4hr group. Ended up starting with the 3hr 40min bunch so solo'd it a chunk.
    Getting to 360 Watts 20min peak power at the end of my specialization phase running up to K1
    Two new bikes (Bianchi 928 and Avanti Pista Pro), new Garmin HR Monitor (two 310XT + 405 but sold one of them, the 405)

    Really dropping off in my Mountain Biking. I've hardly ridden my MTB at all this year. :(
    Despite really working my ring off this year I still only dropped from 116kg to about 109kg. Back to 110kg at the moment.

Plans for 2010
    Go sub 11.5s for a flying 200m on the track. This will probably need a bit of a splurge on some new toys (wheels mainly) so I guess they're on the shopping list
    Compete in the Moonride again... requiring me to get back on my MTB
    Sub 3hr for the K1 (though need to check the course euivalence with this year)
    400 Watt 20 min peak power
    Get under 100kg bodyweight without losing too much muscle. i.e. get lean and mean
    Key on my shopping list: Metrigear instrumented pedals (now delayed till Q2 :cry: ), probably end up with some fancy track wheels, will probably end up with a new track bike as a result of poor self control.
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby notanotherhill on Sat 26/Dec/09 10:39pm


Getting back into racing


Getting to grips with mtb racing and my body mind and soul


To place in the top 20 in each race i enter or better, Get into cyclocross and maybe single speed racing
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby way_downsouth on Sun 27/Dec/09 11:09am

Nice thread and a chance to look at what lies ahead.

Highlights of the year
1. Being involved in the first Alpine Epic stage race. It was amazing and really reminded me of what I love about biking and bringing a new hard challenge to the table.
2. The return of Lance. The Tour was amazing this year, with Lance back, Contador winning and the epic battles with the Schleck's in the mountains. Awesome.
3. Coming into the road season with some stength and fitness. The Kapiti series was a great start and managed a surprise (and my biggest) result at BP1
4. The Rise of Jack Bauer. I have known Jack since he started at Uni and put a lot of time and money into getting him through mountain bike nationals in his first elite season. We knew he had the power numbers back then and it has been great to see him come through this season on the road.
5. Getting a group of mates together for races mid-week. It has been awesome and helps so much with motivation and fitness.

Lowlights of the year
1. Another frame broken.
2. Nagging injuries that I cannot get better.
3. Losing focus of why I enjoyed riding my bike later in the year.
4. Struggling to fit riding around work and home life (for those mothers and fathers out there - you are incredible)

Goals for the next year
1. New rides - ride some new and interesting places.
2. Focus on the racing I enjoy. I am hoping to lift my road racing game this year.
3. Find a new challenge and work towards it (a road tour has been mentioned within a group of mates)
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Colin on Sun 27/Dec/09 11:23am


Devoting more time to digging
Getting back on the bike in the last few months
Taking my bike back to Nelson
Losing 8kg

Missing most of the year with injury and lack of motivation
Missing my end of year target by 1.5 kg. Not too upset by that.

Local Jungle riding
Out of town Jungle riding
Skills Course
Take my bike back to the South Island
Drop that last 1.5kg plus another 5
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby dented on Sun 27/Dec/09 2:10pm

Quite a cool thread, forces you to think a bit.
My Son getting into BMX racing, which inturn let me act more like a kid and buy a BMX bike to have a go myself.
Getting to watch every hour of televised TDF coverage, as it happened.
The ongoing customisation of my GT Force, now pretty much bang on how I want it (lets face it these things are only temporary and its only a matter of time before I want to change it some more).
Riding the Queen Charlotte Track in November, with a really good group of people.
Making a decision in August to take every Monday Afternoon off work, and go bike riding at Whakarewarewa (and apart from December, thats exactly what I did).

Getting an injury in February that kept me off a bike till May, and which prompted a return of an old knee injury which made getting back into biking a long, slow, painful process.
Allowing things within my local MTB club to reach a point where implosion was inevitable, and I did a major dummy-spit and walked away. :(

Keep the Monday afternoon thing going.
Have a crack at a BMX race for the first time.
Would love to pick an event out to take part in with my wife (either round Taupo, or Day Night Thriller). Still needs more discussion/organisation.
An injury-free 12 months with plenty of singletrack.
Throw a 40th birthday party!
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