+29 Tyres

Postby trancemaster on Thu 17/Dec/15 8:50am

I am interested in these for my rigid s/s, and my marathon Ht bike

i have typical rims with a 25mm outside width;
what width tyre can these rims safely handle?

the marathon bike gets hi speeds down gravel roads, i even raced Karapoti and at 32 odd psi i felt too much side wall sway down Big RingB ...
the s/s is low speed so not an issue

and 80mm max clearance inside the frame chainstays, = 3.14 inches - minus mud ;
so might only accommodate a 2.8" tyre max ?

where can i check out and buy these in nz ?

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Re: +29 Tyres

Postby Velocipedestrian on Thu 17/Dec/15 11:47am

You'll probably do better with a wider rim, part of the point of + is lower pressure, but you'd have to go really high to stop roll on the current rims.
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Re: +29 Tyres

Postby Astoria Paranoia on Thu 17/Dec/15 12:16pm

Don't bother with those narrow rims.
Lateral support will only get worse with wider tires.
Astoria Paranoia
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Re: +29 Tyres

Postby trancemaster on Thu 17/Dec/15 1:11pm


sigh, back into Purgatory debating upgrades ...
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Re: +29 Tyres

Postby dragon_style on Thu 17/Dec/15 2:50pm

The Surly website has some good clear dimensions of their 29+ tyres and also rim width recommendations. When getting my 29'er wheels I wanted rims that could run 29+ for full rigid winter riding and also more normal sized tyres. It seemed like the Velocity Blunt 35 and the Stans Flow EX were the narrowest rims that people were using successfully (i.e. pretty low pressure and not too much roll) with 29" tyres.
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