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Triple Chainrings On A Roadie (*wanted)

Postby klxracer on Sat 3/Apr/10 2:06pm


Got a bike on long term loan from a mate to see if this road riding bug will bite me. It only has two chain rings on the front, and while this is OK for most of the riding I do there are times I long for a triple setup just so I can wimp out for a few minutes up big hills.

The front shifter has three positions, so I imagine all I need is a crankset. It is running 105 groupset, so something similar would suit me just fine.

Anyone got any suggestions / anything kicking around in the spares bin they are prepared to part with (cheap), or swap for something mountainbike related (got a nice box of old componentry kicking around here).

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Re: Triple Chainrings On A Roadie (*wanted)

Postby fatwombat on Sat 3/Apr/10 3:19pm

No mate, you don't really want a triple. Nobody does old-fat-slow better than me, I had a triple (30-39-50) and I thought it was good to have the ultra-granny, but when I got a better frame I was convinced to go for a compact 2-ring setup (34-50). Smoother pedalling, smoother shifting, less chain twist, I changed the rear cluster from 11-25 to 12-27 so my granny gear is almost as low - a gear ratio of 1.25 to 1 instead of 1.2 to 1. All you really lose is the redundancy of being able to find the same gear ratio on multiple chainrings. I'm not any fitter or lighter now than when I was riding the triple, but I wouldn't go back to it.

Or to put it in another perspective, why are mountain bikes now moving away from triples to doubles at the front? At the moment the change is oriented mainly to the racing/elite end of the market, but already you can get a setup with 24-38 on the front and 12-36 on the back, so a grannier granny gear than standard triple by giving away the top ratios that were only used on road-like surfaces anyway.

Happy riding, I hope the bug bites you! :)
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Re: Triple Chainrings On A Roadie (*wanted)

Postby grover on Sat 3/Apr/10 7:21pm

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Re: Triple Chainrings On A Roadie (*wanted)

Postby Toko on Mon 5/Apr/10 5:30pm

I think what wombat is saying is that you can get the same gear ratios as a triple by using a compact crankset and some bigger cogs out the back.

But if your bike is already set up for a triple, then that would probably be a cheaper way to go.

Here is a compact crankset

And here is a triple

Lots of people say that it's sacriligeous to have a triple crank on a road bike. Maybe that's why compact cranks were invented - they let you look legit while still giving you some granny gears for hills and big rides
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Re: Triple Chainrings On A Roadie (*wanted)

Postby FLATULENTFRIEND on Mon 5/Apr/10 6:19pm

:) What about a 38 up front and 27 or 29 out back

38 x 27 will give you a 38 inch gear which should get most people up most hills.
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