Triathlon Race Reports....

Postby tricks121 on Wed 10/Mar/10 10:12am

Just a little update on how things in Taupo went in 2010.

After the elation of finishing in 2009, my how different 2010 was. A very very hard day at the office, even Cameron Brown commented on how the wind affected the event in general. I think the only person who smashed through it was Jo Lawn, but she wanted it soooooo bad, I don't think anyone had, especially the lovely Gina Crawford, a chance!

So, the day started off not too bad but that 4am wake up is something I have never gotten used too and imagine I never will actually! The weather was cool but fairly calm after worries the event committee had given us all at the briefing about the gale south easterlies which were forecast, so off we went to get the bike set up and checked before swimming. After a mad dash to get the brakes released so they didn't rub on the wheel I calmed myself and got ready to swim.

Baby oil on, anti chafe on, watch on, goggles, check, cap, check. Last cuddle with Geoff, a couple of hidden tears and it was time to get in the rather plesant tempratures of Lake Taupo.

The lights were flashing, anticipation building and the spectators were cheering then Boom, the canon sounded and off we went. I decided this year to start closer to the front and closer to the speedy peoples so I could utilise the draft in the water - naughtily I checked my watched, woo hoo 31.5mins ish to the 2nd buoy at the turn, wicked, certainly going to get that 1hr 5 min swim! 1.03.30 out of the water - even better, days off to great start!

Now, the bike ride and from here it allllll went down hill literally. The first section has a 'lovely' climb out of Taupo, then some fast down hills to the turn around in Reparoa. These down hills werel not fast for me, I was too busy talking to myself out loud down the hills so I would stop worrying about crashing!!! I suspect other riders thought I was completely nuts but hey it worked and I managed a top speed of 55.7kms per hours ... choice, it had been 37kms last week!!

Even with swirling winds the first 90km had me through in 2hrs 45mins or something, which is great, however, I finished on 6.13 so you can see the wind took it's toll and my ability to fight with it took it's toll mentally. Passing my family as I headed out to Reparoa for lap 2, I felt just how much more the wind had come up and realised that fight to the finish was going to have to happen or I wouldn't be able to finish. Unfortunately every time I went to stand to get some power and rest the seated muscles a bit, my hamstring would 'burn' so I had simply had to sit and try to use up some different muscles. Yep, lesson learnt, don't race a 'fast' half marathon 2 weeks before!!

I'd like to say I enjoyed the 180km bike ride but I didn't!!! I spent those 6 hours thinking lots and realising that my Kona dream was slipping away but that's ok, I decided to change my focus and look at other world champs events, Ironman is never going away and maybe when I am 40 I can give it a go again. I can see where I need to work and the changes to my training that I can do to help it, so, that's what I'll do.

It was very frustrating to see the long 'train's' of riders go past that I knew I couldn't hold onto like I was able to last year. The drafting was also disappointing to see, but it's a race and if you're lucky you don't get caught, kinda like speeding, you're done if they ping ya though! Anyways, I stayed true to myself and didn't get in anyones zone. I was more than a tad frightened when I checked what was going on behind me and the next thing was cycling on the grass. I totally thought, that's it I'm off but nope, got control and off I went.

So, 3.57 mins for a marathon, isn't actually that bad either but the hot day and dry winds did some damage and I can honestly say, I left it all out there. I smiled lots as I ran the last km and sped up as much as I could, but right from the get go I couldn't stride out the pace, so the silly tiny steps was what I did but it got me there! The Ironmaori Crew that based themselves on the last corners of the bike and the run all day were awesome and certainly inspired many athletes to get going and keep pushing I think. They certainly worked for me.

The finish chute I really enjoyed this year as I knew it could be my last for awhile. I had to keep checking behind me though as there was another lady a few seconds behind! My family yelled and cheered and Geoff had HI 5'd me as I went past earlier, he had seen what I had left and knew it wasn't much.

I crossed the line in 11.23.42, about 21mins slower than 2009. I also, collapsed into a blubbering mess and ended up passed out twice and in the medical tent with an IV drip in my arm to re-hydrate me quickly as I hadn't been able to eat and drink enough through the kms!! How embarrassing man, see pic's attached. :alien:

My wonderful support crew all saw a person being carried onto the vehicle that transported athletes to the 'hospital' and went oh, oh, bring on a body bag, there goes another one. It was apparently then, that Liam recognised my shoes, but Geoff said the person was too big (my hands were on my tummy and I had two blankets on) and too tall, but then he saw my cap…

Poor wee Liam was in tears as he didn't know what was wrong with his mum. All I kept blubbering was I just wanted to go home and have a bath and a sleep. My mum then made me cry which made Liam cry more… poor little boy. My nephew Anthony was there too, I'm guessing he didn't like seeing his Auntie lying on a stretcher much either! :love:

However, it's over, I finished and I am for the third time, an Ironman. No such thing as Ironperson or Ironwoman. I'm a flippin IRONMAN. :thumbsup:

For now though, I am over Ironman so - Bring on the next challenge, Rotorua Marathon in May as long as this hammy heals up quick.

One doesn't know how to stop does one!!!

Mojo (Tricks)
Bike course lap 2 start action shot.jpg
headed back out to Reparoa
Running in to finish.jpg
Heaed to the finish line
Finish line pleasure!.jpg
Crossing the line
medical tent IV line.jpg
How embarrassing
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Re: Triathlon Race Reports....

Postby JohnDH on Wed 10/Mar/10 10:27am

I'm a flippin IRONMAN. :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Sure are!

Thanks for the report, full on, tough day at the office indeed!
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Re: Triathlon Race Reports....

Postby Oli on Wed 10/Mar/10 6:06pm

Great stuff, Tricks! Well done. :thumbsup:
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Re: Triathlon Race Reports....

Postby psychavoc on Wed 10/Mar/10 6:33pm

Lovely race report Tricks :) You should be pretty damn proud of yourself! :thumbsup:
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Re: Triathlon Race Reports....

Postby Tugboat on Wed 10/Mar/10 6:50pm

tricks121 wrote:However, it's over, I finished and I am for the third time, an Ironman. No such thing as Ironperson or Ironwoman. I'm a flippin IRONMAN. :thumbsup:

Word. Awesome effort again Tricks! :thumbsup:
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Re: Triathlon Race Reports....

Postby Conners on Wed 10/Mar/10 11:51pm

Awesome read and awesome effort Tricks!
Scary stuff to see the "after" pic, hope you bounced back quickly. The "arms in the air across the finish line" shot was truly inspirational though :thumbsup:
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Re: Triathlon Race Reports....

Postby rmare on Thu 11/Mar/10 10:18am

:thumbsup: Awesome :thumbsup:
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Re: Triathlon Race Reports....

Postby wgtngrl on Thu 11/Mar/10 10:30am

I dunno how you do it lady.
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