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Postby Bazza on Thu 19/Jan/06 5:44pm

Dinsy wrote:why do you need more travel. if you give me 3 valid reasons I will tell you how to do it.

Changes how the bike rides - More travel = smoother ride*
Changes the Head angle - depending on how high/low you run the clamps which helps with bike behavoiur
Extra Inch Of Travel - to save your asre when you muppet something or fuck something up

* But then again you can get a smooth ride out of 7" if you set them up right for you riding style and your weight.
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Postby |ncary on Thu 19/Jan/06 10:12pm

ummm, steeper head angles are pooze in most cases and learn to huckZ on 7 inches you little shits :D
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Postby free_ryder on Sun 22/Jan/06 7:31pm

if i got a travel extension, it would make my ride smoother because: i wouldnt bottom the forks so hard, and i wouldnt have to put a harder spring in them.
plus the head angle wouldnt change if i didnt want to, ive got my lower crown as high up the stantion* as it can go..
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