Training For Races

Postby zombie on Fri 15/Jul/16 12:49pm

So most training plans say endurance rides need to be ridden in low heart rate or power zones.
If training for a race, is this the general rule of thumb to keep up endurance and do high intensity training mid-week? I dont have a problem with 120-130km weekend rides but should I be smashing it or rather keep it slow and steady even though I know I can go faster.

Just looking for some thoughts on how folk usually train for say K2 or Round Taupo races...
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Re: Training For Races

Postby gydey on Sat 30/Jul/16 12:53pm

Nope they say no such thing. Endurance training is done at or just below your aerobic threshold and every riders threshold is different so generic training plans are often bollocks.

Also you cant just set out a week training and do it over and over again although some idiot coaches do this. Training principals state that you need to progressively overload and then unload cycles. You can overload either intensity or volume, but is best with both.

Just "smashing it" is also ridiculous. What are you trying to achieve by smashing it?

I think you need to start reading from the start again and learn and then you may make some gains
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