Trail Work Snakes N Ladders, Dunedin 28th Jan

Postby G on Thu 26/Jan/12 1:33pm

I’ll be up clearing the Snakes n Ladders trails (maybe make a start on the Mackie Dackie if things go really well), if you can lend a hand flinging debris off the trail it would be much appreciated.

SnL stage 2 needs the most work but I wander through stage 1 and The Third Place to get the few bits along there too.

I’m aiming to be up at the Laings road gate at 10 and go till I drop (probably about 3)

My plan in a couple of weeks once I have SnL clear is to head over to Nichols and start trimming the eye/shoulder grabbing undergrowth and wheel stopping potholes up. So stay tuned for when we kick that off, as many hands make light work, which in turn means we can all get out a ride sooner.

I managed to remove all the fallen trees and rebuild the first stunt on The Green Mile last Saturday so it’s all rideable again…chainsaws are awesome J

Get out there and shred them pine needles!
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Re: Trail Work Snakes N Ladders, Dunedin 28th Jan

Postby G on Mon 30/Jan/12 10:05am

A huge thanks to Matt, Craig, Mike and the wee lads for their marathon efforts on Saturday, we managed to clear Stage 1 and about half of stage 2. Super stoked with progress as it was more than I had realistically hoped to get done.
6 hours, 5.5 litres of fuel, about the same in sweat and job was done. Reckon the scrub cutters and humans are in need of a full overhaul now 
There might be a few little stragglers but the track is now wide, clear and should be riding fast as it’s so dry.

Won’t be up cutting till the 18th of February, as we’ve got some mission rides to take care of.

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