Goes Nz-wide

Postby JonnyW on Tue 3/Feb/09 4:14am

Hi All

This is a bit of shameless promotion, but I think is pretty good :D and it's free as in beer!

I have recently changed to allow all parts of New Zealand to be covered. I have set up a structure where you can add and edit track info, but the content is best created by people who know and use the tracks. Ideally each region would have one or two (or more!) keen people to create and update the track info. Check out the Wellington region for an idea of how it works, about 240 tracks listed so far. Get in touch if you want to help and I can add your region...

My initial idea for the website was to have just track info and current status - e.g open, primo condition, closed due to slip, blocked because of tree but passable, etc - but I am open to any ideas to make it better.

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Re: Goes Nz-wide

Postby sifter on Tue 3/Feb/09 8:35am

iodi's doing an INCREDIBLE job here in Wellington!
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Re: Goes Nz-wide

Postby Nick_K on Tue 3/Feb/09 10:53am

sifter wrote:iodi's doing an INCREDIBLE job here in Wellington!

Couldn't agree more. Is developing into an awesome resource.
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Re: Goes Nz-wide

Postby pinkmaggit on Tue 3/Feb/09 11:17am

Keep up the good work. :thumbsup:
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Re: Goes Nz-wide

Postby iodi on Tue 3/Feb/09 8:03pm

sifter wrote:iodi's doing an INCREDIBLE job here in Wellington!

aw-shucks :blush:
Jonny's provided a great site - I'm just filling in some of the blanks.

With a growing community of users and contributors, and now an expanded scope to cover all of NZ, I reckon the site has heaps of potential. Just need to add a few more tracks...
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